Double Your Style and Efficiency

Declutter Your Workspace with a Wool, Wireless Charger Mouse Pad

Einstein, Hemmingway and Picasso all kept famously messy and cluttered workspaces. But — and I’m going out on a limb here — you’re not any of those guys. For the rest of us having a neat and organized desk is the key to keeping sane and getting through the workday. The primary purpose of MousePad+ by Takieso is to do just that.

The two-in-one device combines your mousepad with a wireless charger capable of charging any device compatible with Qi charging and supports 7.5W high-speed wireless charging as well as 5W, 10W and 15W for Android owners. Upping your workspace efficiency is the MousePad+’s first job, the second is ditching the standard synthetic-feeling mousepad formula and instead opting for wool and leather for a more timeless style. The Takieso MousePad+ reached more than half of its final goal on Kickstarter already and for a $29 early bird pledge you can get your own MousePad+.

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