The dudes over at Specialty Vehicle Engineering in Michigan are responsible for Frankenstein’s second coming. These guys will allow their customers to order a 1000 Hp customized Yenko Corvette from an authentic Chevrolet dealer. Their custom job then stitches the most aggressive and performance-enhancing aspects together to provide a real monster of the roads.

The will first let you can get a vehicle as a convertible or a coupe, as an automatic or a manual and in any standard Corvette factory paint color. As you would do if you were shopping for a regular Corvette. What isn’t regular is the extra bang for your bucks this custom job offers.

Customers of Specialty Vehicle Engineering get the perks of added displacement of an extra 0.4 litres, H-beam rods and steel crankshafts, aluminum pistons, custom supercharger, upgraded fueling and many many many more enhancements. The list is rather endless and something a real car enthusiast may like to consult.

All we need to know is it looks and acts the part.

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