Screens are unavoidable these days — you’re even reading this off a screen right now. With the constant strain on your eyes, it’s become increasingly important to give your eyes rest. If you suffer from headaches and irritated eyes, a wearable eye pillow might be the solution you’re looking for.

The Vortix Eye Massager v2.0 uses a gentle air pressure system combined with heated massaging technology to relax the ciliary muscles of the eyes and soothe fatigue with a therapeutic experience. Designed by a team of software and hardware engineers who certainly know the effects of screen usage, the device also addresses insomnia, dry eyes and sinus pressure. With added benefits like playing relaxing nature sounds during use and being foldable for travel, this eye massager has your peepers in mind.

Use the code GP30 for 30 percent off the Vortix Eye Massager v2.0.