So, you’re thinking about travelling to Amsterdam and you packed your usual items: toiletries, clothes, leisurewear… But what if you want to take your Ferrari 458 with you? Say no more, says Etihad Airways!

Etihad Cargo has launched a new service called ‘FlightValet‘, where you can check-in and bring your supercar with you anywhere Etihad flies. So don’t even think about renting that Chevrolet Impala because now you can bring your Mercedes-Benz ‘Gullwing’ to Madrid.  Porsche 918 to Frankfurt? Done.

Their services include:

  • Airport to Airport on the Etihad Network
  • Simple pricing
  • Single Sales point of contact in UAE
  • Trained staff
  • Proven capabilities
  • Charter services
  • A future option to branded Car covers and/or  containers for privacy and protection

You can inquire about a quote through their website, which is a formality? Just put it on my Black Card.