Travelling to faraway places by bike can often be difficult, mainly because most bikes don’t really feature any proper storage for lugging cargo along. Which is why Burley’s new COHO XC would be a perfect addiction to any bike, as it makes carrying all your travel gear more hassle-free.

The new COHO XC is a single-wheel trailer that attaches to either side of the rear hub of its tow bike. It’s just over 66 inches long and 21 inches high, and it can carry up to 70 pounds of cargo.

In developing the trailer, Burley prioritized adaptability above all else. Burley wanted the COHO XC to fit a variety of bikes, and to achieve that, it designed something called the Burley Ballz which, despite its laughably horrendous name, is actually a brilliant way of connecting and disconnecting the yoke.

Attaching the COHO XC to the tow bike is done by connecting the ends of the swing arm yoke to the Burley Ballz on the rear axle. The ends feature internal latches that can be released via a hand lever. The yoke can be spread or narrowed via a latch pull to fit a variety of rear axle widths. It sounds really complicated written this way, but it’s a relatively easy process, actually.

In terms of stability, the COHO XC features a spring suspension system that provides a smoother ride over rough terrain, so you will be able to take it nearly anywhere, be it fire roads, single tracks, or pavements.

If you’re looking for a bike trailer that can handle rough terrain, the COHO XC will definitely be a good good fit for you.

Burley COHO XC Trailer