The extremely talented craftsman Balazs Moldovan is the owner and manager of the Hungarian Workshop, whose life-long love of Lego brought him to where he is today.

You have to respect and admire a man who is making a living and paying the bills doing what he loves. What he loves, though, is what a lot of other people love too – beautifully handcrafted wooden furniture.

One of the latest creations from Moldovan’s workshop is this remarkable and striking Bourbon Barrel Lounge Chair. We think this would look great on the front porch or in your back garden – a place for you to chill and have a cold one on a hot summer’s day!

Each and every, individual backyard lounger is constructed using reclaimed natural bourbon barrel wood, which has been sourced directly from a Bluegrass distillery. This is combined with beautiful and reliable American Oak and stainless steel.

Moldovan has been careful to sand the wood down so it makes for a comfortable chair, but without losing the authentic patina that the wood has developed from being used to age whiskey for decades.

Because it is made from natural wood, the imperfections and grain of each piece will be slightly different. You have the choice between an open top or closed top backrest for the lounger.

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