Bentley’s Mulliner personalization division launched the Balacar Speedster in 2020 — named after Laguna Bacalar in Mexico’s Quintana Roo state — and sold the limited run of 12 examples almost immediately at about $2 million per. With just four Bacalars remaining to be delivered to customers, and since the first rule of having a hit is having a follow-up ready, it’s no wonder that Mulliner will introduce its next small-batch, bespoke car in 10 days: At 8 p.m. Pacific time on Saturday, August 20, during Monterey Car Week, the Crewe automaker will unveil the Batur.

We know a couple of things about the Batur. It’s not clear what vehicle the model is based on, but we’re told it will be a “hand-built grand touring Bentley.” We’re going to guess this means the Flying Spur chassis gets the nod, because the next thing we know about the Batur is it “showcases themes and forms that will define Bentley’s future range of Battery Electric Vehicles.” Bentley’s first EV is anticipated to be a high-riding sedan sitting on Volkswagen’s SSP battery-electric platform, the even more luxurious follow-up to the Audi Artemis electric sedan that will introduce upscale versions of the SSP architecture. The short video shows a very Bentley diamond grille laid in with burnt orange accents.   

The last thing we know about the Batur is that it’s named after another body of water, this time Lake Batur in Kintamani, on the island of Bali in Indonesia.

There looks to be quite a span between the Batur’s EV-forward design and the first Bentley EV. A report out of Germany in July said the VW Group continues to struggle with software for the swarm of battery-electric product the brand wants by 2030, pushing launches back potentially by years — issues that cost former VW Group CEO Herbert Diess his job. Audi’s retail version of the Grandsphere concept might not show until 2027 instead of 2024, and the first Bentley EV that was due in 2025 might face a similar delay.