The 2025 Ford Mustang GTD makes use of a race car-inspired pushrod-actuated inboard rear suspension, which is very cool. But what’s even cooler than that? Being able to see the beautiful engineering at work.

Today, Ford revealed that the GTD will feature something it’s calling the “suspension window,” as that’s quite literally what it is. Positioned where you might otherwise find the rear seats, the GTD has a 24-inch-wide and 10-inch-tall piece of polycarbonate that allows you to look back and see the Multimatic adaptive spool valve shock absorbers in all their blue and gold glory. As a passenger, you could even look backwards and see them in action over the road. The glass itself has a scratch-resistant coating applied to both sides to avoid it being marred.

“The rear suspension is designed for purpose, but it’s also just a beautiful thing to look at,” said Jim Owens, Mustang GTD marketing manager. “It would have been a shame for us to hide it away never to be seen.”

Ford says the Multimatic shocks are capable of going from their softest to firmest setting in just 15 milliseconds and continuously adapt to the road surface to maximize the tire contact patch. Each of the dampers has two springs – activating Track mode hydraulically compresses one of the springs to double the spring rate and lower the ride by 1.6 inches.

Just as we learned recently, Ford reaffirmed its goal of setting a sub-7-minute lap on the Nürburgring later this year. We also expect to see the GTD make appearances at big motorsports events throughout the year such as the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

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