If you thought there couldn’t be anything missing on the multi-million-dollar, 1,500-horsepower, 250-mph Bugatti Chiron hypercar, we wouldn’t blame you. But you would also be wrong. Apparently this massively fast tribute to capitalism didn’t have an option for a sunroof. Can you believe it? The 2018 Bugatti Chiron couldn’t be had with a feature you can get on a Hyundai Accent. Well, Bugatti Chiron buyers no longer have to suffer this indignity thanks to a new option called “Sky View.”

What Sky View amounts to are two glass panels, one over each seat, affixed to the roof of the hypercar. Each panel is laminated for a total of four layers and is designed to provide both UV protection for occupants and to be stiff and strong both to keep the car rigid and provide protection in a crash. Another upside to the option is that it adds 2.7 centimeters, or about an inch, of headroom.

There do appear to be a couple of downsides, though. Bugatti mentions that the panels are tinted to keep the incoming light from being too overbearing, but it says nothing about any sort of sunshade if you find the tinting to not be sufficient. Not only that, but the panels are fixed, so you won’t be able to get much of an open-air feeling. We should say the aforementioned Hyundai Accent has both of these features, but hey, you’re making progress Bugatti, and that should be lauded. Maybe you’ll get those details next time.

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