As the weather continues to warm up, GP readers are readying themselves for summer and the freedom it brings with versatile bags for traveling, upgraded EDC, travel-focused apparel and new gadgets. To help keep you on top of the season’s trends, we’ve put together a list of the 10 products GP readers bought the most in April. Read the full list below.

Lodge Cast-Iron Grill Press

“Do you hate when bacon curls up in a pan and doesn’t build an even crust? Do you want a solution to this issue for the cost of roughly one packet of bacon? If you answered “yes” to both questions, consider Lodge’s discounted cast-iron grill press.” — Will Price

I.W. Suisse/NATO G10 Watchband

“One NATO strap stands above the rest, and it’s one of the least expensive models I’ve purchased. It’s made by I.W. SUISSE/NATO International, and it’s only available (to my knowledge) on eBay — for $11.” — Oren Hartov

Patagonia Black Hole Duffel 60L

“Patagonia hit the nail on the head with the name of its line of heavy-duty carry-alls: Black Hole. That’s what a duffel should be — a bottomless pit into which you can toss anything and everything you might need for a day at the crag or an entire week in the opposite hemisphere.” — Tanner Bowden

Proof Merino Shirt

“Proof sources the wool from three sheep stations in New Zealand and uses a super-fine 17.5-micron yarn gauge to not only guarantee that it won’t stink, but that it’ll be comfortable too.” — Tanner Bowden

Yes4All Kettlebells

“Each pair has a painted black finish that will help with grip when you’re pumping out that last thruster and making it easier to hold steady during Farmer Walks. The flat bottom is imperative for put-downs and pick-ups, and the wide handle offers enough space for single and double arm swings, deadlifts, skull crushers, bicep curls and overhead presses. If you’re looking for a way to increase the intensity on your body weight workouts, these two sets of weights are a great place to start.” — Meg Lappe

Anker Soundcore Liberty Air Earbuds

“The Liberty Air are the best AirPod alternatives that actually look like AirPods. And despite being less than half the price, they still feel premium. The charging case feels very similar to the one that comes with AirPods, but has the added feature of LED lights, which show battery life; the swappable silicone tips also allow for more flexibility in terms of fit.” — Tucker Bowe

Jomers Jeans

“They’re available in five colors — olive, navy, dark camel, light gray and dark gray — and in both slim and standard fits. The 10.5-ounce denim is appropriate for multi-season wear and it includes three percent stretch for added comfort. If you’ve been meaning to get a new pair of jeans, don’t sleep on these — they’re practically a steal.” — John Zientek

CRKT Swindle Pocket Knife

“Designed by revered knife maker Ken Onion, the Swindle won the award for “Most Innovative Imported Design” at the 2013 Blade Show and has continued in CRKT’s production line since. The blade is just over three inches and comes in two versions — one made of high-carbon steel, and a premium version with Sandvik stainless steel and a milled handle.” — Tanner Bowden

Eagle Creek Packing Cubes

“Each lightweight (2.2-oz total for all three) bag has a top handle making it a breeze to move everything from your suitcase to a drawer. The compressive packs also make a stellar choice for any long backpacking trips or hiking excursions.” — Meg Lappe

Rotring Mechanical Pencil

“As much as I’d like to mix metaphors and puns with phrases like “get the lead out” and “full metal jacket,” this pencil speaks for itself: a thoroughly over-built mechanical writing implement that will likely outlast whatever life-ending apocalypse finally destroys humankind.” — Nick Caruso

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