Ikea is giving shoppers a reason to stop by its stores in February. The Swedish powerhouse is launching two limited collections — the Frekvens and the Borstads — and adding over 50 new pieces to its permanent collection. And keeping in line with the brand’s ethos, everything is well-conceived and affordable. To see all Ikea’s latest drops, go here.

Frekvens Collection

Ikea and Teenage Engineering, a Swedish creative collective, collaborated on the limited-edition Frekvens line of gear designed to help you host the “ultimate home party.” The highlight of the collection is the array of portable speakers that can be combined to create a sound system for whatever the party entails.


Baskets! Finally, Ikea has a range of natural material baskets to toss stuff in. The limited collection includes blanket holders made of bamboo, rattan, seagrass, banana fiber, poplar and jute
that come in a range of sizes and shapes. It’s not

Borstad Collection

The Borstad collection is a farmhouse-chic line of goods focused on spring cleaning. Think handwoven baskets, steel rinsing tubs and wooden drying racks for a look that says “I don’t like to do chores, but when I do, I want to look like an extra on “Little House on the Prairie.’”

Permanent Collection

And finally, Ikea will be adding dozens of items to its permanent collection. Key pieces include a variety of textiles in varying shades of green, a versatile cabinet with an attached mirror and a collection of woven baskets.

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