California’s Zero Motorcycles has just unveiled the DSR Black Forest Edition–a versatile, adventure-oriented e-bike that can easily tackle anything from pothole-ridden streets to highways, to rock-strewn trails.

Featuring the company’s Z-Force tech, the emission-free motorcycle is said to “deliver the highest power and energy density in the EV industry.” Its range is a top 203 miles in the city (with an 18 kWh battery) and 100 miles on the highway, while its battery can be fully charged (from your standard household outlets) in 2,5 hours with the optional Charge Tank (with the standard package, you’d have to wait 9,8 hours for a 100% charge). The torque is an impressive 146 Nm–“more than any fuel-burning production literbike.”

Weighing in at only 187 kg, the Black Forest Edition is built for action, with a long-travel suspension, rugged dirt-ready tires, aluminum top and side panniers, touring windscreen & seat, dual sport drop bars, LED auxiliary lights, and a headlight protector. The tough 2-wheeler is fittingly finished in black with camo accents.

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Photos Courtesy of Zero Motorcycles