Zarooq Motors of the United Arab Emirates first previewed their off-road supercar in 2015.  Now they have announced the beginning of production on the Sandracer with a thirty-five unit special edition 500 GT model ($450K).

Much more than a dune buggy, the Sandracer, while specifically designed to triumph over the deserts of Arabia, can still be driven for a night out on the town.  The engine is a Chevrolet with German modifications – a mid-mounted, naturally-aspirated 6.2 liter 525-hp V8 producing 487 lbs of torque with rear wheel drive & a racing grade Weddle 5-speed sequential gearbox.

The carbon fiber body features a forward slanting profile with wide flaring wheel wells surrounding oversized off-road tires.  The rear diffuser can be removed for off-road adventuring.  Inside is more carbon fiber along with leather, a digital dashboard, infotainment center, climate control, and power windows.  The Zarooq Motors Sandracer is finally ready to get down and dirty in the world’s biggest and baddest sandboxes!