If you’ve ever been annoyed with how little your enormous sheet pans and casserole dishes do, roasting pans (sometimes called sizzlers or sizzle platters) are for you. They’re meant to capture and hold heat when in the oven, continuing the cooking process without tarnishing your hard-earned sear.

Borough Furnace, makers of environmentally-friendly cast-iron (most commercial versions are aluminum), just released three of them in different sizes, all made of recycled iron cast by hand. The largest size ($185) is shaped and cut appropriately to fit a whole fish, tenderloin or larger meal; the 12-inch ($125) is ideal for parties of two; and the 9-inch ($90) is your classic pie pan. Because of each product’s size, they’re also more storage-efficient.

Borough Furnace cookware is always made to order. Cast and finished by hand, they won’t come cheap, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a sizzler that’s as effective as a serving tool as it is a cooking tool. Borough Furnace’s trio of them can be ordered now and ship on June 15th, just two days before Father’s Day.

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