If you want your boots to last for years, proper care and maintenance are crucial. Along with keeping them clean and oiled, you should make a point to fully dry them when they’re worn in damp conditions. While you could let them dry at room temperature, it’s actually better and faster to use a Peet dryer.

“If your boots are wet, we recommend using a boot dryer like a Peet shoe dryer or let them dry a room temperature,” said Eric Kinney, the vice president of operations at White’s Boots in Spokane, Washington. “We don’t recommend putting your boots on a heater vent. When leather starts to crack there is not much you can do except get it rebuilt.”

The Peet Original Boot Dryer silently dries and deodorizes footwear in three to eight hours and works effectively with a range of materials. The dryer channels slightly-warmed air through two chambers while using less electricity than a standard light bulb. What’s more, it has a staggering 25-year warranty.

Normally $50, this essential piece of gear is now 20 percent off at Amazon and costs just $40. So if you care about keeping your boots in prime condition, pick one of these up today.

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How to Care for Boots

When you invest in a new pair of well-made boots, don’t expect to lace them up and take on the world in the same day. Thick leather uppers and solid leather midsoles take a while to break in and rub and squeeze your feet, leading to painful blisters if you’re unprepared. While the sturdiness and durability of boots vary widely from brand to brand, there are a few universal tips for breaking in a new pair, regardless of brand. Start Saving

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