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Even though spring is fast-approaching, it still feels a lot like winter for many of us. That means it’s still time to layer up, and fleece is one of the most versatile and stylish ways to do that. Most fleeces are made of a synthetic material (typically polyester) that stays warm even when it’s wet, which is why it’s also perfect for use on camping trips or any other outdoor activities. Of course, it’s even more perfect when you consider that Backcountry is offering a wide variety of top-notch fleece jackets, anoraks, sweaters and more for as much as 83 percent off right now.

Stoic Sherpa 1/4 Snap Jacket

Stoic backcountry.com

Perhaps the most enticing offer of this entire sale comes in the form of the Stoic Sherpa 1/4 Zip Snap Jacket, which is discounted by nearly $50, bringing the total cost down to below $10. But that’s just the deepest deal we’ve seen; other outstanding options include the Stoic Sherpa Quilted 1/2 Zip Hoodie for under $15, this reversible jacket discounted by 71 percent and even this color-blocked option for just $25 (down by 69 percent). As mentioned, this is just the tip of the iceberg — there are a ton of other offerings of every variety on this sale. If you need a great multi-season fleece — be that a pullover, jacket, beanie and/or otherwise — this might be your best chance until next year.


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