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Not everything East Fork makes — from its popular The Mug to its array of dinnerware — can meet the brand’s rigorous quality standards. Those seconds, with their dings, chips and otherwise perfect imperfections, would usually find their way to market once or twice a year during East Fork’s blowout Seconds Sale at 25 percent off retail. Well now, the Seconds Sale is a year-round event, but there’s a caveat: the only way to access the sale is by making a donation.

East Fork wants to spread the wealth. Every week, the brand will announce a non-profit, grassroots organization or individual that works towards racial equity or works in any way to support those who have been oppressed by white supremacy, patriarchy, and heteronormativity. Donate any dollar amount to the organization, take a screenshoot and send it to care@eastfork.com to receive a passcode for accessing the Seconds Sale. This week, donations will go towards Center for Participatory Change, which as East Fork describes: “works for racial and economic justice for African American, Latinx, Appalachian, Cherokee, Hmong, and multi-racial groups.”

If you’ve been eyeing some East Fork pieces for a while now, this is the time. As the brand explains, this is not a perfect solution for getting rid of its seconds. But hopefully this allows customers to learn more about people who have been oppressed by the system for generations, and it gives them an opportunity to support them. In the end, you’ll get your mug, and you’ll be helping your fellow humans, too.

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