You don’t see this every day: This Ferrari F430 was formerly owned by President Donald Trump. Judging by the car’s title, that point is indisputable. That makes it both a celebrity-owned vehicle, and a Presidential vehicle. It’s quite the two-for-one. It could also become yours if you have the dough.

This Ferrari comes from the second, presumably less famous owner, and will go for auction at the Auctions America event in Fort Lauderdale. The auction runs from March 31 to April 2, with the F430 crossing the block on April 1.

Considering the original owner’s tastes, it’s a little surprising how restrained this car is. It’s in classic Ferrari red with a tan leather interior. Not many options were added either, according to the original dealer sticker. The whole list includes red-painted brake calipers, an optional style of power seat called “Daytona,” Scuderia Ferrari shield badges, and an upholstered headliner. In the end, combined with the destination charge, Trump’s Ferrari came out to a little under $198,000 (its base price was $184,000).

Copy of title for Donald Trump's Ferrari F430

Auctions America expects to get a bit more for it. The auction estimate is $250,000 to $350,000. It also has just under 6,000 miles and is complete with all of its manuals, tool kit, and service records. If it were our money though, we’d go off and find an F430 that wasn’t owned by a celebrity, and with a true manual transmission, as opposed to the paddle-shifted F1 gearbox in this model. Both characteristics would make it cheaper, and more fun to drive.

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