We know, it’s hard to believe this mangled, charred chunk of metal could be a Ferrari 430 Scuderia, the lightweight, more powerful, and generally extra sporty version of the already fun F430. But it certainly is, and sadly for it and the owner, this happened not long after they were united. According to the South Yorkshire Police Department’s Facebook page, when they responded to the emergency, the driver told them he had only had it for an hour before crashing.

The police report that the car was found roughly 150 feet down an embankment where it caught fire, which is how it ended up in such a sorry state. Based on the post, the road was wet, and the implication is he may have been driving more aggressively than he should have based on road conditions, but not at illegal speeds.

The police reported that the driver only suffered a few cuts and bruises, which is remarkable considering the severe damage. And while we’re sure the driver is grateful he came out ok, it’s probably hard for him to focus on the positive after losing a dream car so soon after picking it up. But with any luck, insurance will cover the car and he’ll be in a different Ferrari soon enough. Hopefully he’ll be more wary in wet weather with the next one, though.

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