A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity

Sometimes you get second chances, and that’s exactly what this sounds like to us. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is now offering up one Alfa Romeo 8C Coupe and one 8C Spider for sale. Neither car had ever left the factory despite the fact that they were built in 2007 and 2010 respectively. This means they’re brand new. 

The 8C was the car that started the revitalization of the Alfa Romeo brand. The car was produced in limited numbers and was one of the most beautiful cars of the last several decades. Alfa made only 500 of the coupe and 500 of the spider. These two cars were a part of the Automobiles’ Reloaded by Creators, which is an FCA Heritage program. The department decided to sell the 8C cars it had, according to CarBuzz.

Both of the cars only have a few miles on their odometer and have been gone through and certified by FCA Heritage. When the cars were new, the coupe went for $265,000 and the spider went for $299,000. The value of the 8C has gone up considerably in recent years, so these two cars should fetch more than that. 

There’s a new 8C coming, but it won’t be like the old. It will be a mid-engine supercar capable of producing over 700hp. If you want the original, real deal item, then you’d better pony up the money for one of these special cars. There likely isn’t an 8C out there in better condition.