The edgy yet modern design of the Xinlong Lake Bookstore in Chengdu, China is every bibliophile’s paradise. It sits on a hydrophilic platform on the picturesque east side of Xinlong Lake.

This bookstore designed by MUDA-Architects boasts glass windows for an unobstructed view of its surrounding scenery. Its creative architecture aims at “landscape integration and urban symbiosis.” It reflects the city’s urban lifestyle while maintaining a close connection with nature, which results in a serene environment that gives visitors peace of mind.

The Xinlong Lake Bookstore is named as the Most Beautiful Bookstore in Chengdu. It takes its unique shape from the idea of a book falling from the sky. Thus, it appears as a partly leafed-through structure. Meanwhile, its interior does not have corridors but forms a linear space, which allows for a wide range of mobility.

Further down into its space is a sunken reading area that gives visitors the freedom to read a book in any position they feel comfortable. They can read standing up, leaning, or be sitting on the steps.

Meanwhile, a coffee reading area neatly set along the side glass windows gives visitors a picturesque view of the lake and its surrounding trees and grassland.

Xinlong Lake Bookstore

Photo courtesy of MUDA-Architects