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Few cars command the amount of allure, respect and reverence that classic Porsche 911s do. They strike an incredible balance between luxury and performance. Few 911s strike that balance as well as a classic 911 (996). While Porsche’s air-cooled 911s get most of the attention, the 996 represented the first 911 to move to a liquid-cooled power plant. Some collectors will scoff, but the truth is that the liquid-cooled 3.4 Lā€“3.6 L naturally aspirated/twin-turbocharged flat-six represented a significant performance upgrade over its predecessor. Classic 996s can still be had for incredibly reasonable prices, and are worth looking into whether you’re a seasoned Porsche fanatic or are looking at purchasing your first car from Stuttgart.


Dramatic Increase in Performance: In 1998 when Porsche introduced the 911 (996), it came with upgrades in speed, power and overall performance. This was largely due to switching from an air-cooled to a liquid-cooled power plant.


An Extensive Catalog of Parts: Perhaps the best part about owning a classic 911 (996) is that you can still purchase classic genuine parts from Porsche Classic. Whether you own a 911 Coupe, Cabriolet or Targa, you can find the parts you need to keep it going ā€” over 13,500 of them, in fact.


Continued Development: From 1998-2005, the liquid-cooled power plant in the 996 continued to evolve and see development. This is typical of Porsche’s dedication to performance, and desire to continue improving on its vehicles. Regardless of where your engine falls in the date spectrum, Porsche Classic has what you need.

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Whether you’re a 996 owner or not, Porsche Classic offers something for every level of Porsche enthusiast. Even if you haven’t taken the step to ownership yet, there’s a host of high-quality lifestyle product and memorabilia that’s worth adding to your own collection. For the 996 owner, it’s worth checking out the PCCM+ ā€” Porsche’s DIN-2 head unit specifically designed to fit in your 996 seamlessly. It works with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, offers Bluetooth functionality for hands-free use and two USB ports. For the aspiring 996 owner, Porsche’s Leather Key Pouch, which is crafted from high-quality leather, can complete your everyday carry.

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Porsche Classic Communication Management Plus

PCCM and PCCM+ Navigation Map SD Data Card

Sports Exhaust System Set for Porsche 996

Leather Pouch for Vehicle Key

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