The Zenvo TSR-S is the middle sibling in the Danish carmaker’s three-model lineup. The 1,163-horsepower TS1 GT sticks to the road with a demure rear wing, while the racetrack-only, 1,102-hp TS1 sticks to the track with a high fixed wing. The road-legal TSR-S plays both sides, but outdoes its track-only sibling in two ways: It has 1,177 hp and an active “Centripetal Wing” that moves in two planes to increase cornering grip.

The wing’s trailing edge can rise a little to increase downforce, or a lot to act as an air brake. In corners, one side of the wing will lift in order to create what Zenvo calls the “centripetal” force; when the TSR-S turns right, the right side of the wing lifts, and vice versa. Zenvo says that in doing so, downforce remains perpendicular to the wing surface, resulting in more force on the inside wheel and more grip. While overall downforce drops by about 3 percent, angling the wing shifts 30 percent of overall downforce to the inside wheel.

Zenvo took the TSR-S to test at the Assen TT Circuit in The Netherlands, running with a bunch of high-dollar machinery. Admittedly, the rollercoaster centripetal wing is completely distracting, looking something like a class project devised by garagiste engineering students. But all kinds of inventions have made many people feel the same way, at least until they started winning, so we look forward to seeing where this goes.

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