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Last week, this Underground Racing Lamborghini Huracan┬áran a ridiculously quick, 8.55-second quarter-mile pass at Rockingham Dragway. We were predictably impressed, but someone at UR must have thought it just wasn’t quick enough. The Charlotte-based company upgraded the clutch to a 10-plate Dodson unit, allowing the driver to put more power to the 19-inch drag radials from the twin-turbocharged V10. Currently, this Huracan makes 1,800 hp, or just enough to run consecutive sub-eight-second passes.

Shaving nearly a second off an elapsed time is tough for anyone — or any company — but it gets exponentially more difficult as those numbers get lower and lower. For the team at Underground Racing to turn around in a week and knock out some 7.8-second runs is almost impossible to imagine.

Take a few seconds and watch one of the world’s quickest Lamborghinis making its latest record-setting lap down the quarter mile. And check out last week’s 8.55-second pass below.

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