Want a Leather Motorcycle Jacket For the Summer? It Needs to Be Perforated

It’s hard to tell whether we’re in the middle of a hellishly long heatwave or if this is just how hot summers are going to be from now on. Either way, you’ll still need protection when you go out for a ride — and if you’re not a fan of the tactical textile look, leather, the next logical option. In this type of heat, leather is torturous unless you’re trying to shed a few pounds of water weight before you get to your point B. There’s a way around looking like you just jumped in a pool of your own sweat and still hold on to some vintage style in the process — perforation.

Perforated leather is essential to keeping cool on a hot day’s ride. The tiny little holes might not look like much but certainly add up and let in crucial airflow to help keep you cool. Jackets like the HF D1 and Stripes D1 come with those critical little cooling holes covering most of the core of the jacket while closed up, double padded leather and armor adds road-worthy protection at the shoulders and elbows. Both of these jackets usually come with a $600 price tag, but with this end-of-summer-sale, you can save up to $200. And if the current climate is anything to go by, this heat isn’t breaking anytime soon, so you’ll definitely putt a few miles on one of these before the temperatures dip.

HF D1 Perforated Leather Jacket by Dainese $600 $400

Stripes D1 Perforated Leather Jacket by Dainese $600 $480
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