You know the saying, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em?” Well, if it were phrased a little differently — “Join them and beat them at their own game” — it would apply to Malvaux, and its limited edition Number 1 pocket knife. Described as “the new Swiss knife,” Malvaux released its first batch of Number 1s in late 2016 in a super limited run of 150. Now the knife is back in new colors, one of which is exclusive to and already discounted on Huckberry.

If the Number 1 is déjà vu familiar, that’s because Malvaux looked directly to its Swiss compatriot, Victorinox, and its time-tested Swiss Army Knife for inspiration. But Malvaux did so with a critical eye — it aimed to improve the classic blade and update it with newer and more durable components.

The Number 1 is simple — it has only a blade and a handle — but that simplicity is its perfection. The knife’s blade is three inches long and made from water jet-cut stainless steel that’s forged in Switzerland and sharpened in Solingen, Germany (a town known as “the City of Blades”). The knife is a drop-point and has a plain edge, which is as basic as a pocket knife gets. The blade folds into a V-shaped aluminum handle, which Malvaux created to allow for a more ergonomic fit in hand. The design also allows for a user to grab the blade with a thumb and finger, eliminating the need for that annoying and uncomfortable nail knick.

When open, the Number 1 stays firmly in place, but it doesn’t lock. The action relies on a screw system that Malvaux designed to allow for easy blade replacement, which gives the Number 1 the same crucial characteristic the Swiss Army is most known for: longevity, and the potential to be passed down through generations. That, along with a solid build and the requisite Swiss Cross, make the Number 1 a pocket knife worth coveting.

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