More often than not there’s some debate within a market as to which product reigns supreme. Not the case in the blender world.

The Vitamix 5200 is a superlative blender — aircraft-grade steel blades break down virtually any substance, hard or soft, and the variable speed gauge can spin fast enough to create a frictional heat that aids in ingredient breakdown and is able to bring cold frozen items to piping hot in 6 minutes. The chamber holds up to 64 ounces safely, meaning it’s meant for making more than smoothies on the weekend (though it can do that plenty well, too). Toss the ingredients for a soup in, turn the switch for 10 or so minutes and you’ll have a hot, perfectly pureed soup without ever turning on a stove. It can make non-dairy milks, nut butter, knead dough, batters and grinds even small ingredients like seeds down to a fine, uniform form. It’s also exceedingly well-reviewed for a premium product on Amazon (4.5/5 stars), a place prone to crushing reviews on pricier goods, is built in the USA and backed by a solid 7-year warranty program.

The Vitamix 5200 is on sale for $80 under its typical price, nearly an all-time low.

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