The idea that sustainably made things can’t also be stylish has, thankfully, fallen by the wayside. And that’s due in large part to brands that are focusing on making great-looking products out of responsible materials, like Outerknown and Patagonia. This week, Tumi entered that fray with its first line of bags made primarily from recycled fabrics.

The Recycled Capsule uses a blend of 70 percent recycled content and 30 percent virgin materials across six bags: a pouch, a sling bag and four backpacks, priced from $95 to $425. (The London Roll Top Bag is the one pictured above.) The recycled portion is made from plastic bottles that Tumi spun into the nylon interiors and exterior details for each bag.

It’s the first time the brand has incorporated recycled fibers into its wares, but that doesn’t mean any of its other bags and luggage aren’t sustainable. Tumi’s other bags are built to last from some of the most durable metals and fabrics in the luggage industry. These bags are, too, and they’re the first step in making Tumi a more sustainable company. It’s part of what the brand’s creative director Victor Sanz says is part of an attempt to reduce Tumi’s “carbon footprint through a global strategy aimed at reducing our energy consumption and waste.” And it looks good, too.