Modern life has become increasingly mobile. Our office can be the nearest cafe, our reference point a train stop, our routine on-the-fly.

This dynamic lifestyle is the inspiration behind TRVL LITE, a new men’s collection from TOMS, the socially-conscious shoe company that first made its mark with a simple canvas slip-on.

TOMS has come a long way since that first silhouette. TRVL LITE delivers not only lightweight, durable comfort but an elevated sense of design and story that’s reflected in its materials. The unique rubber-EVA blended cupsole and molded cork-covered footbed balance ultra-lightweight construction with superior cushioning. A wave-patterned tread provides grip and traction, and the leather heel counter and grosgrain pull tab bring modern details to the timeless design.

This is an ideal shoe for life on the move — one that moves seamlessly (and comfortably) from the studio to the street or the station.

A range of colorways, patterns and silhouettes — including high and low sneakers and slip-ons — enhances the TRVL LITE collection’s versatility to fit any aspect of your daily needs. And as with all TOMS shoes, the company will match every pair you purchase with a pair of shoes for a person in need.