Designing a product aimed at excelling in the performance, comfort and style spheres is an incredible challenge for most brands. But for some, like Johnston & Murphy, it comes naturally. “Johnston & Murphy has always been able to strike the delicate balance between style and performance,” says Bill Beach, Johnston & Murphy’s Director of Product Development. This rings especially true when it comes to the brand’s XC4 golf apparel and footwear. “Today’s golfer wants performance and versatility,” says Beach. “Combining these attributes with great style and premium materials really is the definition of what J&M does best.”

To find out a bit more about how Johnston & Murphy marries performance, versatility, style and comfort in its XC4 H1-Luxe Hybrid golf shoe, we caught up with Beach to break down its most important features.

Key Specs
Water Resistance: Waterproof leather upper
Sizes Available: 8-12 (including half sizes), 13
Technology: XC4® Comfort System, Waterproof bootie construction, neoprene stretch collar, dual-width removable insole, J&M Smart Degree Technology™, hybrid-lug rubber sole

Innovative Construction and Technology

Insider Note: “The performance of our golf shoe is tremendous – very stable and the mini-lug rubber outsole performs very well gripping grass surfaces. After conducting consistent laboratory and live wear-testing over a period of 12 months, we finally found the ‘perfect’ rubber that could meet our overall specification. It took us some time to achieve this final production compound that allowed us to have both a soft flexible rubber for traction and cushion on the course.

“The neoprene collar and waterproof bootie construction is borrowed from one of our most popular styles – the Prentiss. We used the Prentiss’ platform to build our golf shoes and the bootie construction and neoprene collar to keep feet warm and dry in the wettest conditions.” — Bill Beach, Director of Product Development for Johnston & Murphy

In terms of performance, Johnston & Murphy’s XC4 H1-Luxe Hybrid has a lot of what you’d generally expect to see in high-performance outdoor footwear — like the bootie construction, waterproof upper and neoprene collar. But that’s where the similarities end. Johnston & Murphy designed this shoe from the ground up to excel at its objective — to provide all-day comfort on and off the golf course.

Style Meets Performance

Insider Note: “It’s about combining premium materials – super-soft waterproof leather and neoprene stretch collar – and performance technology – a multi-density footbed with memory-foam cushioning and arch support, J&M Smart Degree Technology and hybrid-lug rubber sole – to create a shoe that golfers can easily wear on and off the course.” — Bill Beach, Director of Product Development for Johnston & Murphy

You’d be forgiven for taking a quick look at the XC4 H1-Luxe Hybrid and thinking that it’s designed only for days about town. But a full teardown and a few insightful questions to Beach, and it’s quite clear that the shoe is so much more than that. It truly is the best of both worlds. It gives you all of the performance you crave when on the golf course, paired with a healthy dose of style and topped off with heaps of comfort to keep your feet happy all day.

Premuim Materials

Insider Note: “The high performance and waterproof leathers are produced at a leading tannery that has provided J&M with superior leathers for many years. Tested for 15,000 flexes, these full-grain leathers are completely waterproof for optimal performance and tumbled to achieve a super soft hand.” — Bill Beach, Director of Product Development for Johnston & Murphy

A shoe can be amazing in concept, but it’s only as good as the materials its made from. Luckily, Johnston & Murphy has over a century and a half of experience in sourcing the highest quality materials to craft its footwear. And as Beach explains, durability is a key factor when sourcing materials. You can rest assured that your investment in the XC4 H1-Luxe Hybrid will last you for many years and many outings on the links.

Next-Level Temperature Control

Insider Note: “J&M Smart Degree Technology delivers breathable temperature control, regulating the temperature of your feet – never too hot, never too cold – providing ideal conditions all the time. It consists of a lining package system that utilizes a moisture-wicking mesh treated with a proprietary formula that will increase the temperature regulation effects for the duration of the wear. This effect stabilizes the temperature variations during activities – helping to reduce when too hot and increase when too cold – creating a more comfortable experience overall.” — Bill Beach, Director of Product Development for Johnston & Murphy

How many times have you worn a pair of leather shoes, only to quickly feel like your feet are either too hot or too cold? Johnston & Murphy’s Smart Degree Technology aims to put an end to that feeling. Its versatility is ideal for golf, as your chilly, early morning tee time can quickly turn into a sweltering afternoon trying to avoid the sandtrap on 11.