For the guys who have kept up to date with the hottest music accessory trends, you will have already been intrigued by these new wireless earbuds circulating the market. Well, there is a new addition and these True Wireless Starship E70 Pro are worth the column space they’re getting.

These earphones are another pair that are gathering fans from all corners. Many of those fans testify to these earbuds’ quality, reliability and features. Basically, they seem to do what they are supposed to. Their specifications claim that it only takes 1 hour to fully recharge them as well. Which will give you up to 6 hours of calling, music, podcasts or whatever else you need them for on the move. Not to mention an impressive 150 hours standby time. All made possible with the newest Bluetooth technology – the 5.0 chipset!

Yet, they are also very stylish. We don’t have to spell that one out. Many reviews talk about how good they look, and it seems to be a big draw in for consumers. Perfect for those long commutes on the train or keeping you motivated in the gym during chest days; these earbuds won’t fall out mid set.

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