The TriLIGHT ShopLight brings broad-range illumination for your much-needed brightness wherever and whatever the situation. If you are a handyman pulling an all-nighter at the garage or outdoors at a construction site, then this handy tool is perfect for you.

Striker Concepts built this tool following the success of the original TriLIGHT. This latest innovation functions as a shop light with the benefits of a drop light. It features multi-directional light arrays in comparison to traditional lighting and adapts to any lighting situation. It quickly transforms into an omnidirectional shop light from a 360-degree drop light while achieving its highest performance level.

This versatile portable light maintains a light power of 3000 True Lumens from the three aluminum LED heads that function as a heat sink. The heads ensure the LEDs always operate at the lowest temperature possible, thus keeping the panels cool to the human touch. This way it doesn’t cause any harm when you adjust it to the desired light array.

The durable TriLIGHT ShopLight promises 50,000 hours of power. It is portable enough and functions without the need for an extension cord. It can also be used in several ways: as a handheld inspection light or hung for hands-free use through its built-in robust hook. You can also prop it up on its LED heads for a free-standing light.

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Photos Courtesy of Striker Concepts