What makes a good travel shoe? It’s hard to say, and the answer likely varies widely from person to person. Some will favor the ruggedness of a hiking boot, which allows its wearer to tramp over cobbles and scree alike. Others will opt for footwear that places more emphasis on style and comfort, like category-blending athleisure shoes — they don’t shout “I’m a tourist!” quite as loudly.

For every person, the answer will be the result of a balance of priorities: comfort, durability, and style. Huckberry worked with footwear brand Nisolo to balance these qualities as skillfully as possible and came up with the Travel Derby. The shoe is made by hand using suede, leather and foam. These materials keep it light — like, under one pound light — and don’t require any arduous break-in period (that’s one thing less to have to plan for).

Those suede uppers collapse and lay flat, so if you’re a multi-shoe traveler, these will readily fit into a duffel or pack. Are they the perfect travel shoe? Could be, that’s up to you.

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