Enthusiasts Want What Enthusiasts Want

The new Toyota Supra is a car built for racers, sports car enthusiasts, and anyone who likes sporty cars in general. That crowd of people seems a bit miffed by the lack of a manual transmission in the new car. However, according to Carscoops, a manual could be coming for the Supra. 

Tetsuya Tada is the chief engineer for the car. He told journalists if there was enough of an uproar for the new A90 Supra to get a manual transmission that Toyota would put one in. It all depends on the buyers and what they want. That means you’d better get to the Supra forums and social media and raise hell if you want a manual.

According to Tada-san, it would take “a persistent, overwhelming demand” for Toyota to put a regular manual transmission in the car. To me, that says Toyota doesn’t want to do it. However, I’m sure the company would if its fans all-out revolted.

Could a Manual Make the Supra Awesome?

There’s already mixed opinions of the new Supra. While the car doesn’t look all that much like the BMW Z4, under the skin it’s essentially the same car but with less power. In other words, some Supra fans feel cheated. A manual transmission may be the salve they need to heal their wounds and feel good about the car. 

2020 Toyota Supra interior2020 Toyota Supra interior
Image from Carscoops

Tada-san also noted that Toyota tested with manual transmissions, so it would seem that the company has a manual to use. However, one detail may throw a wrench in the solution.

The manual transmission was tested in markets that use right-hand-drive cars, meaning Toyota would have to flip things around for the North American market. It will be interesting to see what Toyota fans do and subsequently what Toyota does.