Maybe you heard by now, but Toyota just launched the all-new 2022 Tundra. We drove the full-size pickup in San Antonio — and we loved it. It’s a revelation compared to the previous generation, which went into production back in 2006. It’s on the cutting edge, with a new high-performance V6 hybrid powertrain. Claiming the Tundra outdoes the Ford F-150 would be going too far, but it’s now definitively competitive with the best trucks of the full-size set.

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One thing that seemed missing from the Tundra lineup presented to us, though: a full-bore, $70,000-ish super-luxury trim like the ones offered by Ford, Ram and GMC. Toyota seemed content to top out the Tundra with the off-road-focused TRD Pro. But according to a Reddit leak uncovered by Pickup Truck + SUV Talk, a new luxury flagship Tundra may be en route very soon.

The image in the leak shows a 2022 Tundra with “Capstone” badging on it. Other reports have noted that Capstone will be the Tundra’s luxury trim. A capstone is a large flat stone that sits on top of the other stones, making it a fitting name for the top-level trim. The chrome screams “luxury trim,” and the truck has the Tundra’s hybrid powertrain, which will only be available on the higher trim levels.

Toyota gave Pickup Truck + SUV Talk a simple “no commentabout the Capstone photo. One could read that as an implicit confirmation that the photograph is legitimate and the truck is happening. There’s no reason for Toyota to let that story float if they aren’t going to do it.

Why would Toyota not reveal the Capstone trim at the launch? Well, Toyota has time. The Tundra does not go into production until December. Hybrid Tundras won’t arrive until spring 2022. Toyota has not announced pricing yet, and the truck’s online configurator isn’t live yet. One could see Toyota reserving the Capstone trim for a later reveal, to buy the Tundra another news cycle’s worth of exposure.

A less strategic possibility is that Toyota may not have had a Capstone truck finished and ready to show us yet. There’s a chip shortage, and supplier issues are rampant; Toyota had very few hybrids available at the media launch. A Capstone pre-production model may simply have been too hard to source.

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