There are a lot of people who think classic SUVs should be left the way they were when they first left the factory. Many of these people might be reading this…perhaps it’s you! We don’t share the same thought process, however, and think that a little tweaking and tinkering here and there can turn a classic car into something remarkable and unexpected.

Look at it this way – if the car is still the same model it was, in spirit, then is it really such a terrible thing to refit with extras and upgrades that make it perform and look better? Black Dog Traders apparently feel the same way, as evidenced by their latest creation – the mighty
Toyota Land Cruiser Hunter.

Looking at the Land Cruiser Hunter it is hard not to fall in love with it. It has a very retro look from front to back and has been kitted out with a slew of amazing features. The exhaustive list includes all-terrain tires, Fox shock absorbers and Old Man Emu suspension, an improved-upon roll cage, safari roof rack, heat insulation and sound dampening. Phew, now I can breathe for a second.

Amazingly, all of that is on the outside. The interior also has had the Black Dog Traders treatment, with a premium-grade sound system, customized wood grain steering wheel, and console to name a few. However, the real gem in this vehicle is the roar of this beast. Under the hood of this four-wheel monster, you will find a supercharged LSA 6.2-liter engine. If that doesn’t make your chin drop, perhaps the fact that it is possible to achieve 556-horsepower with this vehicle will.

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