e’ve been trialing, as humans, different combinations of products for as long as man has been roaming the planet. That’s how inventions are made. Some are good, and some are chocolate pizzas – yes, these do actually exist! Now, something new has come into the fold. You’ve had the shirt and you’ve had the jacket. These days, we have the shirt-jacket. Or, the “shacket” for you weird people. Shirt jackets for men have become quite a trend over recent years.

Shirt jackets aren’t exactly a riddle sent from NASA. They’re exactly what they say and simply a garment in between a jacket and a shirt. They are somewhere between an oxford shirt or your office shirt and a field jacket. To get you guys up to speed with this latest trend, we’ve put together a post with everything you need to know about shirt jackets.

That includes a tremendous, well-researched, and detailed rundown of the best 20 shirt jackets for men out there at the moment. We put each thread under the microscope, all to find any flaw or greatness about them. This will allow you to see the proper shirt for you.

We’ll make recommendations for each one regarding what guy best fits that particular shirt jacket. Don’t worry, we have a shirt jacket for all types of men, throughout all ages.

What Are The Benefits Of Shirt Jackets?

Shirt jackets have a couple of nice benefits and are the answer to one of our biggest clothing problems. They are the solution to that spring ritual we’re dedicated to. You know the one! The one where we take our jacket off and put it back on five-times per day.

They’re warmer than a shirt but keep us less wrapped up than a jacket does. This allows them to provide the perfect temperature for those cooler spring days.

Shirt jackets for men are very versatile and can be paired with your other clothes easily. Just add a plain white tee before you join the guys down the bar. If you’re getting a bit attached to your shirt jacket as the year rolls on, you can add a sweater or a hoodie.

This will allow you to keep on rocking the shirt jacket look for a bit longer.

The only problem with these unique and deceivingly designed items is you’ll have to put up with “Oh, it’s not a shirt/jacket” every time someone sees it. Then you’ll have to educate your not-as-smart buddies who don’t read Men’s Gear.

How Heavy Are Shirt Jackets?

It honestly comes down to each type of shirt jacket you’re considering. As a general rule, shirt jackets for men are going to be a little heavier than a regular shirt but lighter than a regular jacket. One way of estimating how heavy the shirt jacket will be is to take a look at the materials it’s been manufactured with.

Most shirt jackets are made using rugged yet warm materials like fleece, waxed cotton, wool, or cotton flannel. They’re usually paired with a warmer inner lining to insulate and keep the cold at bay. So, if you’re shopping online and can’t find the exact weight of the jacket, take a look at the materials used.

This will help you gauge how heavy your first/next shirt jacket will be.

While it’s difficult to judge how heavy a shirt jacket will be when buying online, it seems there is a bigger concern for shirt jacket buyers. A lot of customers seem to be getting a bit disgruntled at them being “too big!” or “oversized fitting”. There is a reason behind these complaints.

Shirt jackets for men often look like shirts from the outside. This may make people expect them to fit like a shirt. However, the dimensions of your jacket are slightly longer and accommodate other garments such as sweaters.

When wearing the shirt jacket, you may feel like it’s too big when in fact it’s just measuring up to how your regular jacket sits. This is something we urge you to think about before buying.

What Features do Shirt Jackets For Men have?

Shirt jackets for men come in all varieties of styles, colors, and materials. However, their fundamental design and features are usually standardized. The shirt jacket is designed to look like a shirt but be as warm as a jacket. Therefore, the outer shell will have the appearance of a shirt.

This doesn’t always mean the shell will be cotton, sometimes wool and other materials can be used. The external pockets are usually a mix of shirt and jacket pockets to give a nice balance.

One feature that is not so common but can be useful is the addition of a pencil holder at the breast pocket. This makes them perfect for tradesmen who need a pencil at arm’s reach to measure. It might even work for the manufacturers.

The lining of the shirt jacket is where the jacket DNA is added. It is usually lined with a soft but insulating material such as sherpa, polyester, and fleece-like materials. This is what will keep you warm and is sometimes decorated with a nice checkered style.

This can catch the eye when you move around unbuttoned or unzipped (yes, some have both).

Normally you’ll find an inside pocket just like a jacket and maybe the addition of a hood. To summarize, shirt jackets have the exterior of a shirt and the interior of a jacket.

1) Carhartt Full Swing Quick Duck Overland Shirt Jacket

First onto our list for the top shirt jackets for men is the Carhartt Full Swing Quick Duck Overland Shirt. While it sounds like a boxing combination, we don’t know. What we do know is this jacket has many features that will help you feel free and comfortable at all times. It has been designed with a relaxed-fitting and a bi-swing back to give you more movement.

It also includes an underarm gusset and stretch-piercing at the elbow for an even greater range of motion. When we think about it, you probably could box while wearing this shirt jacket.

The product has a fleece lining to keep you warm on those cooler days and has adjustable cuffs. This also comes with an interior chest pocket with four external pockets. Shirt jackets like this are the convenient choice if you’re a bit of a Mr. Practical, or if you need one for active use.

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2) Legendary Whitetails Journeyman Rugged Shirt Jacket

If you’ve got stubble or a beard, we anticipate this one will be for you. The Journeyman Rugged Shirt Jacket from Legendary Whitetails offers a suede leathery look. It may even be confused with a leather jacket from a distance. When you get close, however, you’ll notice the flannel lining.

That makes wearing these shirt jackets for men just a bit warmer and makes it stand out from the crowd.

You can tell it’s been made to last with triple needle stitching, reinforced pockets, and branded snaps. It even has a nice touch with a signature buckle patch on the left sleeve. The cotton suede also makes it more durable and weather resistant. This shirt jacket is for the rough-and-ready guys, or possibly guys that own a motorcycle and power tools.

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3) Legendary Whitetails Maplewood Hooded Shirt Jacket

The Legendary Whitetails Maplewood Hooded Shirt Jacket tips the boat a bit. These shirt jackets for men are made for when the weather gets a bit cooler. As a result, it’s a little bit heavier than most other shirt jackets. The first difference is the inclusion of a double-line hood.

This allows you to have a casual shirt look but keep your head warm at the same time.

Actually, your whole upper half will be kept warm. This is due to the quilted satin lining and 130g poly-fill insulation. Not to mention the full-length zip to help you from shivering.

This shirt jacket has prioritized the warmth of a jacket in its hybrid. Yet, one feature not regularly seen is a pencil slot right at the breast pocket. These interesting features make this shirt jacket perfect for those who want to keep the trend going at other more chillier times of the year.

It could also be for those who work outdoors but need a pencil close to hand.

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4) Wrangler Authentics Sherpa Lined Flannel Shirt Jacket

This is the first Wrangler product to make our list, and it is nice to see them make an appearance. It is also the second relaxed-fitting shirt jacket to make the list. These terrific shirt jackets for men are known as the Long Sleeve Sherpa Lined Flannel model.

The flannel is made from 100% cotton and has a 100% Sherpa polyester lining to keep you really toasty on cooler days.

The garment has two side pockets and two buttoned chest pockets with a pencil holder. We promise these aren’t that common, though we cannot hate a functional shirt. It’s machine washable and a reliable product that’s probably one of the best looking in our showcase. Solid work, Wrangler. Should we have expected otherwise?

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5) Wrangler Authentics Quilted Lined Flannel Shirt Jacket With Hood

Wrangler was never going to take very long to come back on this list, mostly due to what they are best known for. The men’s market is their bread and butter. So it’s not a shock that more shirt jackets for men would be seen from them. If you wished you could have a shirt jacket that had a hood, you’ve hit the jackpot.

This model has all the same stuff of the last Wrangler model. However, it has some slightly different designs with that added hood we referred to.

The hood is a cotton blend which will not make it too heavy or frumpy. It manages to match with the rest of the shirt jacket perfectly. If you like Wrangler’s garments but do not care either way about the hood, we recommend checking out the model previously seen.

There are big differences between them and this could be what sways you to this one or the previous.

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6) Carhartt Hubbard Sherpa Lined Shirt Jacket

Next on our list of top 20 shirt jackets for men is another Carhartt piece of eyebrow-raising craftsmanship. The Hubbard Sherpa Lined Shirt Jacket is one of the simplest designs on our list. It also looks more like a shirt than what competitors might like.

Most tend to steer more toward the jacket than shirt when making them, but not Carhartt. They decided another direction was key, and we cannot thank them enough for that.

The garment itself has two snap-flap breast pockets and a concealed breast pocket on the interior. Made with 100% cotton, wearers can be assured of warmth with faux-shearling lining. This can likely compete with the warmth warranted by your regular jacket.

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7) Levi’s Washed Cotton Shirt Jacket

Levi’s don’t just make great jeans, they also have a couple of shirt jackets for men that you should take note of too. One of the very best is their Washed Cotton design. Greens have been proven to make you look intelligent and this olive garment will have you adding stylish to the equation.

It has some cool features that men will love.

The functional buttons hide the fact there is a full-length zipper beneath to help keep you warm. Breast pockets and side pockets imitate the regular jacket design well with Levi’s’ logo. You’ll be more than happy to show off, subtly added to one of the breast pockets.

This garment really hides the fact it’s 50% a jacket and looks exactly like a shirt, especially with the shirt collar and adjustable button cuffs. We appreciate when designers lean toward the shirt-side for sure.

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8) Carhartt Rugged Flex Rigby Shirt Jacket

Considering these products are 50% jacket, you may have thought a zip pocket would have been present by now. Well, we’ve made it. The Carhartt Rugged Flex Rigby Shirt Jacket has a zip pocket to store your valuables securely. It also has some other clever design perks.

While a shirt lean is important to show off, that is only due to the majority leaning toward the jacket. However, when done right, shirt jackets for men that lean toward a jacket side can be great to see.

Carhartt leaned one way, then leaned another. That kind of variety is great to see in a company of any kind, especially a clothing one.

The garment is designed with a relaxed-fitting similar to the first shirt jacket we showed off. Likewise, it has flex technology to increase the range of movement. Such designs make these shirts great for days doing manual work and hobbies, as well as looking sharp on an afternoon down the bar with the guys.

If you’re working out in the cold, it’s not a problem either. Its fleece lining offers some exceptional warmth.

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9) Legendary Whitetails The Outdoorsman Buffalo Shirt Jacket

The Legendary Whitetails Outdoorsman Buffalo Jacket may not even realize it’s a shirt jacket, but it is. It’s the lumberjack of shirt jackets for men with its colorful checker shirt design. It offers a comprehensively lined body of soft sherpa, making it a nice jacket for warmth.

The sleeves have been insulated with quilted satin and even has a full frontal zipper.

This comes with hand-warming pockets to keep you warm all over. If you’re an outdoor-type guy who loves a camping trip or an adventure during the colder months, this shirt jacket is right up your mountain!

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10) Backpacker Canvas/Flannel Lined Shirt Jacket

The first Backpacker garment brings the outdoors inside. The weathered look is made to look stylish in their Canvas Flannel-Lined Shirt Jacket. Available in four different color options, these shirt jackets for men also have side and shoulder vents.

However, they will always keep you warm with a brushed cotton flannel lining paired with a 7.5-ounce canvas shell.

It’s the shirt jacket version of a tattooed biker who likes to play with kittens. Tough on the outside and soft on the inside. It’s likely one of the most comfortable overall on the list.

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11) TRM Cotton Tahoe Fleece Denim Shirt Jacket

Not all shirt jackets for men have to lean toward fall colors or make you look like an outdoorsman. In fact, they can be colorful and for the indoors as well. The Cotton Tahoe Fleece Denim Shirt Jacket from Tri-Mountain proves this to be true.

Available in 10 different colors, the one we featured is of medium weight. Like all of them, it is made from 100% cotton with fleece lining.

It has all the features of a shirt with buttons and buttoned pockets in all the usual places. Wearing this shirt on a date, hike, or a Saturday lounging around the city would not look out of place in either. The beauty and versatility of the shirt jacket, dudes!

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12) Backpacker Quilt Lined Shirt Jacket

If you’re a guy who doesn’t dig the dual breast pocket look, we’ve got something in the back for you. The Backpacker Flannel with Quilt Lining Shirt Jacket has a lot of what we’ve already seen. However, this small detail of keeping only one breast pocket may just win a few guys over.

These shirt jackets for men have started to become very popular, and it is easy to see why.

It didn’t just address one of the style desires of many guys, it’s functional too. It has a polyester quilted lining to ensure you keep warm as the evening wears on. It’ll also win over the giants among our pack as it comes in a tall-sized option. It is possibly the most attractive shirt jacket so far?

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13) Woolrich Dorrington Shirt Jacket

Woolrich’s Men’s Dorrington Jacket is the classic barn coat look. These shirt jackets for men have been designed for outdoor use rather than as a smart casual garment. This is because it has a plush fleece lining, hand warmer pockets, and arctic insulation in the sleeves.

If you’re going on a spring outdoor venture or just doing some outdoor premises maintenance, this will be the shirt jacket for you.

Not every shirt jacket on our list will look good on the older man due to the out-there patterns. However, this shirt jacket’s neutral design is certainly one for the mature and wiser man. Do not let this throw you off if you’re from your ’20s to ’40s. It can work well for you just as well.

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14) Columbia Hyland Woods Shirt Jacket

Sunscreen is important. Even our clothes need some sun protection and this Hyland Woods Shirt Jacket from Columbia has just that. These shirt jackets for men have been thought up for the outdoor-loving guys. It not only has UPF 50 sun protection it gives off.

It has also gone through some rigorous testing to make sure it’ll last extreme weather and daily use. Whether you’re on weekend in the mountains or having beers with the fellas, it can hold up.

This shirt jacket also comes in many musky and bright colors. Scientists have discovered that red can make you appear more attractive to the opposite sex. If that’s true, clear your Friday evening because this nice garment also comes in deep rust red.

Men’s Gear editors have told us to say that it won’t guarantee a date, as you have to have some level of “game” for that, or whatever. However, she or he if you feel led, will at least see something they can like about you. However, you might want to keep that shirt on for a long time.

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15) Gioberti Twill Shirt Jacket 

Another fantastic shirt jacket option for the older and almost-older guys is the Twill Shirt Jacket from Gioberti. Its soft flannel lining will keep you warm on cold days and it has plenty of handy pockets for your car keys and whatnot.

The exterior is made from a robust cotton fabric which won’t shrink in the wash.

This looks more like a jacket than some of the others we have featured. However, the flannel lined cuffs with shirt-like features give a gentle reminder that this is no ordinary jacket. It even has one of the best fit-as-expected ratings – for the guys who don’t like to take risks!

Shirt jackets for men that take the time to worry about the fit as much as the material used are certainly great in our book.

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16) Woolrich Wool Stag Shirt Jacket

Another Woolrich product! Boy, these guys are good. Not often have we had the chance of showing you a predominantly wool shirt jacket, but good things come to those who wait. This 80% wool garment is perfect for keeping you really toasty during colder days.

We all hate having to get our bulky jackets out the back of the closet, and now we can avoid it!

Due to the wool used, there is no need for a lining. These shirt jackets for men come in a ton of colors, making it incredibly versatile. This is no shock to anyone who has used Woolrich before. They simply KNOW the outdoor market, and men’s clothing itself, incredibly well.

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17) Wrangler Authentics Qannel Shirt Jacket

The Men’s Gear team loves this model known as the Long Sleeve Quilted Lined Flannel Shirt Jacket from the Wrangler Authentics range. Available in a small selection of nice colors, these shirt jackets for men have a 100% polyester lining to keep you warm.

This comes with a 100% cotton exterior to add the shirt features to the garment. It also has dual breast pockets.

This shirt jacket also offers the now infamous pencil holder, the third on the list to offer such. It’s perfect for those that need a pencil throughout the day at least. It’s even more ideal for outdoor workers and handymen because the shirt has a relaxed-fitting for easy movement throughout the day.

Wrangler has said this is a heavy jacket so if that’s what you’re looking for, look no more. This company is a leader in men’s clothing for a reason, quality. We can trust you’ll love this shirt upon arrival. Just be careful on the sizing.

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18) Levi’s Soft Shell Two Pocket Shirt Jacket

Back at Levi’s engine room, they’ve come up with another quality garment. Their Soft Shell Two Pocket Shirt Jacket is made from 100% polyester. It can even be machine washed for convenience. These shirt jackets for men have a standard shirt-like collar and dual closure with a front snap and a full-length zip.

There are four pockets in total. It has two breast pockets like your office shirt and two side pockets like your winter jacket. The way this Levi’s product outshines some of the similar items they’ve made is that their shirt is ultra-loft filled for additional warmth.

The company often offers great quality clothing, so it is no surprise they have one or more edges on other shirt jackets.

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19) Legendary Whitetails Navigator Fleece Button Up Shirt

Seeing a fleece shirt seems rare, as it’s not really commonplace to assume people will attempt it. It seems they exist and are pretty stylish too. The Navigator Fleece Button Up Shirt from Legendary Whitetails may look like a shirt but it’s actually a heavyweight fleece.

It will surely keep you warm on those colder days out and about. It has a slot next to the breast pocket perfect for the arm of your eyeglasses, pen, or pencil.

If you’re wanting to find a version of shirt jackets for men that are more for the winter rather than spring or fall, we highly recommend this. Legendary Whitetails have earned the first part of their name due to the quality they bring, so it is not shocking to us that people love this shirt.

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20) Coleman Sherpa-Lined Flannel Shirt Jacket

Rounding out our list of the top 20 shirt jackets for men is Coleman’s Sherpa Lined Flannel Shirt Jacket with Faux Suede Shoulder Patches. The shoulder patches are going to either be a big “yes” or a big “no” for a lot of guys (UK readers just think of it as a Marmite product).

Yet, these professor-like additions don’t make it a smart casual jacket as such.

It’s been built to withstand tough weather conditions and the sherpa body lining will stop you from getting a cold. One of the best things about this shirt jacket is it comes with a money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.

Dear dads, here’s your shirt jacket.

Sure, these shirt jackets for men tend to remind you of that professor from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. As well as every other teacher from every movie, ever. Does that make them any less comfortable or possibly good looking on you? Not at all.

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To Wrap Up

There it is! We’ve given you the lowdown on everything you need to know about shirt jackets for men. There’s plenty of options out there and a lot of them have similar features. To find the right one for you, ask yourself: why do you want one? Is it to look more stylish during the winter? Is it to keep you warm in general?

Could it possibly be for a specific outdoor task, job, or hobby? This will help you decide what features, materials, and lining will suit you best. Whichever one you pick, just please, don’t call it your “shacket.” We beg of you!