ake a look back fifty years. If you were looking for a pair of shoes, you would have to settle for a stiff pair of dress shoes or an all-purpose set of boots. Ones that would be just as likely to leave your feet a delightful shade of swampy. Rockport shoes for men in today’s market are proven successes.

The previous set we were discussing was not great for family life, we can tell you. Comfortable, breathable footwear was nearly nonexistent. The “running shoe” as we know it was long away from invention.

One of the major stepping stones in the evolution of the perfect piece of footwear happened to be the rise of Rockport shoes. Founded in 1940, then known as The Hubbard company, they had a quest to be better than the average.

They were tired of deciding between comfort and style, so they wanted to do something about it.

Eventually, they saw a huge gap in the shoe market, so by 1973, they invented a shoe. They’d decide to call it: the walking shoe. Of course, it was given the official name of the “Country Walker.”

It was a revolution when it came to footwear, Rockport’s walking shoe became the prototype for the running shoe that we know today.

Plus, they managed to blend comfort with a stylish shoe.

From there it was only up. The company itself, as well as the production of Rockport shoes for men, was a family affair. They continued to rise up to where they are today. They’d eventually work with companies like Reebok, Adidas, and New Balance.

Through all these partnerships and changes, the brand remains unchanged. Comfort and style, together, remain supreme. Before we discuss the best Rockport shoes for men today, we need to get to some FAQs.

What should I check for when buying Rockport shoes for men?

When thinking about whether or not to buy Rockport shoes, there are a few questions you can ask yourself. You spend a lot of time earning your money, so when it comes time to buy new footwear you want to make sure that you’re making the best choices that fit your lifestyle.

Are you spending your money on the right shoe? The right style?

There’s so much more than this that needs to be considered. Here are a few pointers from Men’s Gear about what to check for when you invest in a pair of men’s Rockports.

Foot Support:

Making sure you feel totally supported is one of Rockport’s number one priorities. That’s why they invented the EVA comfort sponge footbed. This makes sure your shoe fits your foot exactly, and one of the key parts to a healthy foot overall.

For those who’d rather go without, it’s also removable. Your shoe, your rules!

Right wrong foot support can obviously hurt your feet. However, did you know it could also affect your back too? It’s true. The lower back can be drastically affected by this. Proper support in a shoe is more than just about your feet, it can be a huge problem for your entire body overall.

Get that proper support, guys!

Shock Absorption:

With truTECH technology, you’re going to be feeling as bouncy as ever when you walk down the street. It doesn’t matter if you’re walking on asphalt or on the grass, the shoes can be excellent for you. Rockport shoes absorb all the energy you make by walking, leaving you feeling fresh and energized.

This allows you to jump or fall a number of feet and not feel that really bad impact that can make landings painful.

Custom Fit:

When you buy Rockport walking shoes online, you’re not just buying a product. You’re buying a full solution for your feet, and what solution would be complete without customization? Every time you shop online through a Rockport outlet, you’ll be asked about the length and width of your feet.

They ask this to make sure they’re as snug as a bug, and you do not have any issues. If you don’t like it, make sure you familiarize yourself with return policies. It’s not for nothing that people keep coming back to Rockport!

Walk in style:

With Rockport’s signature style, you’re going to make an impression whenever you walk through the door. Along with sneakers, Rockport makes wonderful Oxford shoes and obviously the trademark DresSports line is amazing. You could be doing anything in these shoes, really.

Perhaps you’re going for a walk in the park and want to look good doing it.

Maybe you’re pacing the office or taking the dog out for a walk so he or she can do their “business.” Rockport’s got your back with the latest in men’s shoe fashion.


Shopping through a Rockport shoe outlet online is insanely easy. That means making sure you get exactly what you need all in one place is more convenient than ever before! The benefits are undeniable if we’re being honest here. You’re able to find any model, color, or make with these wonderful online outlets.

With large warehouses all over the country, you’re unlikely to find something out of stock.

What are the benefits of Rockports over other brands?

Like any major brand with recognition and success, Rockport shoes couldn’t have gotten as far as they have without having something special to offer consumers.  We’re going to break down some of the reasons why Rockport shoes for men deserve attention.

Of course, this will prove in all likelihood that you’d need a couple spots on your footwear rack to open up. That said, let’s discuss the great things about these shoes.


We can’t say it enough, a sturdy pair of dress shoes or the loose-and-light feel of running shoes each have their own benefits. However, a solid pair of Rockports helps you to find your style while never compromising on mobility or comfort.

Everything here relies on the innovative design that underlies (quite literally) every Rockport shoe.

They discovered a lot on their quest to find the perfect piece of footwear for optimum walking. In this time, Rockport invested heavily in figuring out the biomechanics of the perfect stroll. Seriously, they actually did this.

Using their cutting-edge results, they came up with a design that’s lightweight and easy to pack into an unassuming, stylish shoe.

The end product is a shoe that’s flexible enough to be through a wide variety of contexts and situations. While the average man might have to store a half-dozen shoes in their closet, Rockports do double-time and save space.

Brand recognition:

Rockport shoes for men have a long history of being associated with healthy living. From their initial research into the biomechanics of walking, they went on to design a media campaign that wasn’t only marketing their shoes. Rather, it marketed walking itself as a lifestyle choice.

With the help of fitness icons like Robert Sweetgall, they promoted the “Walk for the Health of It” campaign back in the 1980s. A massive media event, walkers sporting Rockports crossed the country (11,600 miles!) promoting walking as a healthy alternative to running.

Although Forest Gump feels both are useful.

Through it all, Rockport became solidified as the go-to brand for healthy daily choices. By donning a pair for yourself, you’ll be tapping into a long history of conscious, healthy decisions along with a major cultural shift.

Stand out from the crowd:

Rockport shoes have earned their reputation as an icon for walkers everywhere, and they easily surpass other brands for their sheer utility. Some power-walkers might trade in their nice shoes for a pair of sturdy-yet-unseemly runners.

However, you’re going to be hitting the pavement in style with Rockport.

Nowhere else are you going to find as perfect a marriage of style and mobility. Thankfully for us, we don’t see a divorce coming anytime soon.

What can I wear Rockport shoes with?

While many brands try to make sure their offerings are as universal as possible, sometimes this doesn’t work. Universality, for us, sounds like a nice way to say ‘bland’. Here at Men’s Gear, we look for the best, and sometimes that means making choices that you can’t just ‘throw on whatever’ with.

You want to put your best foot forward, in more ways than one. Making sure you pair your Rockport walking shoes with the right gear goes a long way to making a solid impression when you need it.

No one buys Rockport shoes so they can look like a slob:

Let’s say this again, “we’re not students anymore.” We don’t need to be wearing whatever we find first on our clothes rack. A bit of forethought makes your personal style all the better. People think that going out for a morning power walk is an excuse to bring out their old, moth-eaten sweats.

They then head on out to meet the world looking like they came out of The Slob Company Catalog. No one’s really watching, right? Wrong!

You don’t buy a pair of Rockports so you can throw on any old thing with it. You buy a pair of Rockports to look great no matter where you are. You’re a man of means, so you’re able to whip out a fantastic set of sweatpants that show off your assets while looking great.

Heading out in the mornings is no reason to look like a slob. You’re here because we’re long past that.

Upgrading your wardrobe:

Rockport dress shoes are meant to make a statement, wherever you are. It’s about making sure that you’re comfortable while on your feet without ever having to compromise your sense of style. It’s about raising your standards.

What better excuse is there to make sure your wardrobe is up to snuff?

Wearing Rockports gives you an excuse to really show what you’re made of. Those cardigans that would never go with your worn-out sneakers? Those stretchy pants that are obviously tailor-made from that East Village outlet everyone’s talking about?

All are great with a pair of Rockports. It’s all about showing yourself at your best, from the shoes up.

Look good, feel great:

The best part about wearing Rockport shoes (and pairing them with a stylish set of clothes) is that you’re never going to feel like you’re too still to go out for a walk. Whatever Rockport shoe outlet you’re going with, you’ll be encouraged to both look good and feel great.

Why choose between health and style? With Rockport shoes for men, you’re going to be living in the best of both worlds.

How do I take care of my Rockport shoes?

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is more than just thinking good thoughts about getting out there for a walk. Just like your health, having a pair of Rockport shoes means putting in a bit of effort. This is only natural because all good things come with a bit of elbow grease.

Any man knows they get as much out of something as they put into it.

Rockport shoes for men are built for activity. They’re maintained as an important factor in making sure they last as long as possible. Not to mention having them look great too. What’s the point of having a pair of Rockport shoes for men if you’re not able to show off a bit?

Making sure they’re polished before you go out is key to making that great first impression. Keeping them clean is also a big one, especially as you’ll be using them to walk in all sorts of places.

Treat your Rockports like you treat a good friend, and you’ll get lots of use out of them. With that said, we’d like to show you some of our top Men’s Gear picks for Rockport shoes for men on the market today.

1) Rockport The Walking Classic

This is the classic that started it all: Rockport’s the Walking Classic. Known across the globe for their contributions to walking as a regular, healthy activity, Rockport men’s walking shoes have become an icon. This simple design offers built-in support from sole to the midsole.

The Walking Classic makes it clear why it’s become the go-to for serious walkers everywhere.

If you need a reason why Rockport shoes for men have become so popular, the Walking Classic is a perfect place to start. This may not be the dress style that Rockport’s become so known for, but you won’t be sorry for reaching for these when you’re about to go out for your morning walk or run.

With functionality, leg-and-knee protection and simple design at heart, these are a must have for your shoe rack.

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2) Rockport Total Motion Fusion Wingtip Shoe

With this entry, we’re starting to get into the classy designs that make Rockport shoes for men so famous. An unconscientious consumer might want to just grab the first thing they see at a Rockport shoe sale. However, taking a second glance at the more premium-priced entries, like this Total Fusion, is more than worth your time.

This pair of shoes has a synthetic sole along with a classic leather design, with a crafted texture along the toe and sides that are sure to turn a few heads. This is definitely one of the finer mid-range offerings at any Rockport shoe store.

Combine this with some faded jeans and a tailored semi-formal jacket, and you’ll be ready for any event on your work calendar.

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3) Rockford Men’s Northfield Oxford

Here’s where we start getting into the dress shoe designs. With Rockport shoes’ classic Oxford design, you’ll be ready to head to the office or out on the town in style. As with any Rockport model, you’ll never be sacrificing comfort for looking great.

From the (tall!) traction-heel to the kinetic air circulation system, your feet will be getting premium treatment with these Oxfords.

You might order some awesome Rockport shoes for men in-store or Amazon Rockport shoes. It doesn’t matter which because you can be sure that you’ll be getting the same commitment to grace and mobility that’s guaranteed with any Rockport model.

Don’t believe us? Order a pair for yourself and wait to be impressed!

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4) We Are Rockin’ Chranson Shoe

With this entry into the Rockport collection, rugged, outdoorsy design meets the finest in comfort. The “We are Rockin’ Cranson shoe” model is inspired by outdoorsmen everywhere and makes a splash whenever you enter a room.

People’s heads will turn, wondering about what secret, active life you’re living outside the office. While on the inside your feet are getting the best that modern technology can give when it comes to balance, breathability, and durability.

Rockport shoes for men are not only meant to be a functional option for your daily grind. Rather, they too are a symbol that shows people what you’ve got. With these Rockport shoes, you’ll be signaling both affluence and a sense of danger.

Who can really resist a combination of both? Do yourself a favor and try for yourself!

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5) Rockport Men’s Perth

Another fresh take on a classic design, these Rockport shoes for men were made to impress! Whether you’re thinking of making a splash on your first day at the office or if you’re wanting to bring a bit of warmth to your wedding outfit, these brown Perths are the perfect option.

This model is a masculine alternative to the ocean of black shoes you’re bound to see in this genre. These Rockport shoes for men are going to make you stand out in a crowd.

With a hand-sewn outer design and a fancy set of exterior lacing, you’re going to be bringing your best to wherever you go. With the natural, rugged impression that brown tends to give a shoe, you’ll also be showing there’s more to you than meets the eye.

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6) Rockport Men’s Randle U Bal

Another entry into the long line of Rockport walking shoes that straddle the line between high class and comfort. These brown sneakers are just as suited for an early morning’s walk as they are to accenting that hipster vintage. You know the ones, the stuff you keep at the back of your closet (we won’t tell anyone).

Bringing a casual yet serious vibe into the room when you enter, these are more than just your brother’s payer of sneakers. These Rockport shoes for men signal that you’re responsible but are up for a good time.

Be warned, this pair has limited availability. You’ll need to dig a bit into your favorite Rockport shoe outlet (online or in-store) to get a shot to grab these.

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7) Rockport Men’s Charles Road Plain Toe Oxford

Another classic Oxford model from Rockport shoes, the Charles Road pair gives off that no-nonsense vibe. They’re perfect for starting a business meeting, giving a speech, or accompanying that special someone down the aisle.

With an easy-to-clean exterior and a synthetic sole, this is a model that’s worth investing in for whenever the occasion calls.

One of the major benefits of Rockport shoes for men is the comfort they give while never sacrificing style. While the average pair of Oxfords is stiff to the touch, Rockport has released a model with lightweight shock absorption and material that’s easy on your feet.

Sound too good to be true? Get yourself a pair and find out!

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8) Rockport Men’s Channer Oxford

Another great entry that bridges class and accessibility, this brown pair of Oxfords from Rockport shows that you can look great without looking uptight. With the rugged brown color, these Oxfords can be found dancing it up at a work party or making a presentation to venture capital.

Flexibility is the name of the game here, with these Rockport shoes for men able to cross over seamlessly between a variety of contexts.

Rockport shoes are known for their quality as well as their comfort. The addition of Adidas adiPRENE technology for absorbing shocks allows for a superior wearing experience here.

Add to that the ease with which these shoes can be maintained, and we have a clear winner.

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9) Rockport DresSports Anniversary Wingtip

Here’s where things start getting interesting. While in all the previous entries on this list sought a fusion of dress wear and sportswear, this model really ups the ante. This offers a classy, modeled leather exterior and an EVA sole for optimum shock absorption.

Rockport shoes for men like this allows you to think of yourself running in a suit in these things. You know, James Bond style. Even just walking more than ten steps in either direction works here.

These forward-thinking Rockport dress shoes redefine the game, with comfort and style winning the day. With adjustments for width available at any Rockport shoe outlet online, you’ll find a pair that’s perfectly made for you.

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10) Rockport Men’s DresSports 2 Fast Marathon Oxford

Another stellar entry in the DresSports collection, where high style meets the ultimate in athletic prowess. If you’re a super-spy needing to break out into a chase while downing a martini, this is the pair for you.

However, if you’re constantly on the go while needing to look great, then these Rockport walking shoes will do just fine.

The revolutionary element of Rockport shoes is the freedom they give their wearers to truly be themselves. No more either/or choices between showing your business or your sporty side. With the DresSports line, you’re able to bring all of yourself with you to whatever occasion calls.

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11) Rockport Men’s Marshall Plain Toe Oxford

One of the defining features of Rockport shoes for men is their versatility. Certain models occupy a firm place when it comes to the formality of the shoe (think dress shoes, sneakers). Meanwhile, others make an eye-popping combination of the two, this unassuming set of Oxfords certainly toes the line.

Taking inspiration from the most formal of dress shoes without ever losing certain accessibility, this pair is one that can easily hop between a party and work presentation.

This kind of flexibility is what helped Rockport shoes for men to become such a global icon. Add to that a set of leather uppers and an anti-micro-bacterial lining, and we have a winner on our hands.

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12) Rockport Men’s Symon Oxford

Making sure you give off the right impression when you enter a room is key. While a number of the models in this list boast refreshing flexibility when it comes to when a man can whip them out, sometimes you just need to go with a classic. The Symon from Rockport shoes is unmistakable in its formality and classiness.

Nobody is going to mistake you for anything else than a man who’s got his game together.

Whether you’re making a splash at a gala or closing that deal with new clients, making sure you put your best foot forward (pun intended) can’t be overstated. Choosing Rockport shoes for men gives you the confidence you need to truly take on the world.

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13) Rockport Men’s Total Motion Sport Oxford

Another example of the innovative minds behind the design at Rockport. While the Oxford style is a calling card of Rockport shoes for men, they don’t stop there. Taking from the be in the formal design genre, they’ve created an athleisure shoe that’s great for your morning walk.

This shoe never compromises on your personal sense of high style at all. This is an excellent choice for those who sport a dressy (yet never stuffy) style even with an active style.

With a contemporary look and the best in shock absorption, this pair of Rockport shoes for men may occupy the pricier end of the scale but they deliver when it counts. If you’re looking for a fusion of mobility and high style, you won’t get any better than Rockport’s Total Motion.

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14) Rockport Men’s Jaxson Bal

For a fresh take on a classic design, Rockport’s Jaxson Bal is a clear winner. With its tan leather finish, this pair of dress shoes is ready to take on the world! Embracing the versatile spirit of the best Rockport shoes for men, the Jaxson Bal combines a rugged, masculine aesthetic with the trappings of a laced dress shoe.

This helps to create the ultimate in athleisure that you will absolutely love.

One of the trademarks of the brand is motion, and Rockport men’s walking shoes are meant to be lived in. With the Jaxson Bal’s premium shock resistance technology, you can be on the go all day and your feet are still going to feel great.

This tech includes the removable truTECH footbed and EVA heel cup, making it even better. Don’t take our word for it – get yourself a pair and see for yourself!

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15) Rockport Men’s Cayleb Woven Penny Loafer

While many of the entries on this list have been some mix of sneakers or Oxfords, the classic penny loafer is not to be mixed. These Rockport shoes for men might not come in a wide range of colors, but the cognac and black models are universal.

They truly fit whatever you have in your wardrobe, making you a stylish guy with amazing shoes. With their convenient, slip-on style, these are a pair you won’t want to be without.

What’s more, the Rockport brand guarantees comfort no matter how long you’re on your feet. These penny loafers have a removable Ortholite footbed that supports your arches.

It also makes sure that your feet are happy and healthy.

No matter if you’re buying through the Rockport shoe store or online on Amazon, these shoes will be a welcome addition to your shoe rack.

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16) Rockport Men’s DresSports 2 Plain Toe

This is another entry in the DresSports line, Rockport’s premium solution to making sure you look good and feel great no matter if you’re at the office or partying it up! With the rich upper leathers and the textured surface, this is a model that commands seriousness and respect.

Added bounce is built-in as part of its sporty frame. This means you’ll be making sure no one thinks you’re stuck up or a drag on the party. With three different colors to choose from, you’ll want to grab a pair the next time you see Rockport shoes for men sale online.

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17) Rockport Men’s Total Motion Sport Dress Oxford

While the other dress sports models on this list are notable for their bold mix of the formal and the informal, this entry proves far more subtle. With its full-on black color, your colleagues will be surprised to notice that you’re wearing the most comfortable shoes in the office.

Why not? If you’re going to be giving a presentation or pitch at the next meeting, why not treat your feet right at the same time?

Like other Rockport shoes for men, this pair comes with built-in truTech support for your heel with extra shock absorption. Meaning you can pace around the office all you like and you’re not going to get sore.

With their guaranteed fit, getting in-store or Amazon Rockport shoes is a choice you’re not going to regret.

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18) Rockport Men’s Shakespeare Circle Penny Loafer

Another great penny loafer from Rockport shoes is this black brush model given a fun Shakespeare name. This model is a perfect choice when you’re looking to make an impression at work or the next formal occasion.

If you’re going to be at an event where you’ve gotta look great while being on your feet for hours, this is the pick for you.

With the tall heel and moccasin-style stitch toe, these penny loafers are going to set you apart from the crowd.

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19) Rockport Men’s Thurston Plain Toe

The last entry on this list of Rockport shoes for men goes back to the brand’s philosophy. That is a mix of style and comfort. While this plain toe model isn’t going to be impressing anyone at a wedding, its laid-back approach is great for a day at the office or at the park.

Rockport shoes like these help support your feet using their EVA footbed and truTECH shock absorption. Overall, these help you get on with your day without thinking about whether your feet are going to be sore by the end.

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Walking on

Making sure that your feet get the best is a major priority. They’re the part of your body that feels the most wear and tear, and investing in your health starts right here. Who says that you have to sacrifice comfort for style?

With Rockport’s brand of sports and dress shoes, you’ll always be getting the best of both worlds.

From their Oxfords and penny loafers to their sneakers or DresSports line, there’s something on this list for every man. No matter how far your feet will be bringing you today, it pays to be doing it in a pair of Rockports!

Rockport shoes for men are excellent for any situation and well worth investing in.

Clearly, the ones above are some of the best today. Check them out more when you get a chance and you’ll likely see even more reasons to love them than we highlighted.