hey say that the shoes maketh the man. That anything can be excused if only you look great enough. We at Men’s Gear disagree. You can be dressed to the nines and charm the pants off the whole room, but that won’t protect you from a misstep as critical as whipping out a wrinkled, plastic portfolio out of your bag. Truly dude, you need to consider leather portfolios for men.

It makes you seem as unprofessional as an intern on their first day in if you do not have one. This will not do.

Why some might ask, would a single accessory make such a difference? Allow us to explain. Just as a chain is as weak as its weakest link, so a man’s style is represented by the least stylish accessory on his person. Anyone can buy a nice jacket, but unless your socks and belt are up to snuff then everyone’s going to see through you.

Taking care of these little details, even down to the portfolios you carry, says more about you as a person than your words. If you want to put your money where your mouth is. Of course, it also helps to make a great impression at work, in a presentation, or at an interview.

Making sure you have a great portfolio is a must.

While you might think “how do I go about finding great portfolios?” We’ve gone ahead and done all the work for you! We’ve created a list of some of the best leather portfolio models a man could ask for. Seventeen, in fact!

No matter your style or budget, you can be sure we’ve tracked down one that works for you. But first, a few preliminary questions to get out of the way.

What are the best uses for leather portfolios for men?

Due to the numerous leather portfolios for men on the market, it might be hard to find the best one for you. You might be too busy to look into it, or possibly you have no idea about them. That can make a search very hard. We’re here to help, just thank us later.

Leather portfolios for men provide a solid impression. Simply relying on those Barnes & Noble plastic portfolios won’t cut it. Thet get dirty easy, plus, they break all the time. Why deal with that?

Imagine how it would look if all your important documents fell from your open hands because your regular portfolio was terrible. A minor disaster, right? With a quality leather portfolio, you don’t have to worry about looking bad like this.

To the contrary, you’ll be one of the most stylish men in the room. Who could say no?

The best leather portfolio models aren’t just about looking good, however. Obviously, they provide this, but they also make sure you’re organized. Are you the type to keep various amounts of pens in your pocket? Maybe you stuff different (and important!) notes in your briefcase, hoping to have them later.

You may even have a lot of business, security, and even birthday cards lying around. You need them all organized and accessible at just the right moment. Quality leather portfolios for men have space for everything. It’s not just a solution for your documents.

There are slots for everything from writing utensils to minor notes, even to spare change or tokens.

What more do you need?

You need to invest in yourself as a professional. That means a proper leather portfolio needs to be around. Why look like the intern when you’re worthy of management? Proper leather portfolios for men provide this appearance.

What is the average weight of a leather portfolio?

There are many questions out there about leather portfolios. What is the quality of the leather? What shape is it in? However, a common question revolves around the average weight. Is it easy carried or will it weigh you down?

As fans of leather portfolios for men ourselves, we can speak from experience that the average weight of a leather portfolio is quite light. The real weight it has comes from the contents inside of it.

In many cases, you can tell a person’s career by the appearance of their leather portfolio. Let’s look at a lawyer for instance. He is going to have heavy documents or different material he’ll use for research or processing depositions.

Meanwhile, an accountant will carry something more math-driven with gadgets that aide his work on top of documents he’ll use.

Should one stuff a portfolio until it’s uncomfortably heavy to carry around? Not technically. However, we would argue that filling it up is exactly why a portfolio exists! Imagine if you didn’t have a place to put all of your loose documents among other things.

Everything would just fall out of your bag every time you opened it!

Lord help you if you needed to fish something out like photos or documents for a presentation. Thus, making sure they’re all organized is key. Everything will be right there, ready for you when you’ll need it. It’ll weigh a little bit more, but you’ll always appear on task.

Not a bad sacrifice if you ask us.

You want to be the guy everyone looks to and admires for coming to work always prepared. You can be that guy, so why hold yourself back from the potential you have? The leather portfolios for men we highlighted will help you reach this.

What sizes do leather portfolios come in?

Zippered leather portfolios come down to the first example when it comes to weight. Their biggest question comes down to their comfort of carrying as well. Will you get your money’s worth or will it make your life easier? Usually yes to all the above.

Size itself is important nonetheless.

Size matters, sorry guys. The portfolio that you’ll want to buy will depend entirely on what you want to do with it. The plain leather business portfolio everyone thinks of first.

It’s unadorned, unassuming, and fits quite snugly around a stack of letter-size papers. This portfolio is for the type of person who doesn’t need a lot of other features. They look like hipsters asking why you need “all those bells and whistles.”

You know the guy, always avoiding shoes. Excuse us, “foot prisons.”

Leather portfolios for men can be used to extend your briefcase. Those types will be a little bigger and thicker, mostly due to storing a lot of extra stuff like entire notepads and even tablets. Meanwhile, for smaller things like pencils or cards, then you’ll need a smaller yet wider version.

Carrying by hand is great, however, if it is being used for a briefcase then you’ll need to find the one that best fits it. That means the size of this case needs to be able to handle the width and length of any portfolio. Think about what else you’ll put in there too.

They say that the world was built by measuring twice and cutting once. Measure before you buy and save yourself a lot of grief.

Then again, that’s why we’ve gone ahead and done all the footwork for you. Sit back, relax, and take a gander at all the best leather portfolios on the market today.

1) Aaron Leather Business Portfolio and Professional Organizer

You need a good portfolio to take to your next meeting. These leather portfolios for men by Aaron Leather is perfect. This model is made from genuine leather, offering a great exterior. Its faded leather appearance gives the impression of ruggedness and resolve.

No one is going to mess with the man carrying this portfolio!

While most other men’s leather portfolio models are content with just the basics, this model is one that goes the extra mile. There are tons of pockets for all the stray documents you might have. That includes loose sheets, photos, notepads, and much more.

Plus, it provides extra spaces for devices, pens, and everything else you’re going to need. Even if this isn’t the cheapest entry on this list, it pays to fork over the funds and supply yourself the best!

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2) Samsill Professional Padfolio

These tremendous entry-level leather portfolios for men come to you from Samsill. This is actually a faux-leather entry, but it looks and feels like genuine leather. It also has an accessible price that can fit any budget and need. For the up and coming businessman who doesn’t mind paying a little to get one of the best, this is perfect!

Like the best leather portfolio models, this padfolio has space for a refillable notepad. This is also a model that’s for the no-frills type. If you’re looking for a simple design that has space for papers without needing all the other bells and whistles, then this is the one for you.

It’s no-nonsense, just like you – and just like you, it’s going to make a good impression!

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3) Stylio Faux Leather Portfolio Folder

While leather portfolios for men are fantastic, you’ll notice that faux-leather is all the rage. In that, we come across this great faux-leather model from the Stylio brand. It’s a great entry-level model with a bit more functionality than others, especially the previous models.

Plus, it has a ton of extra space for loose papers.

No more fishing around in your bag for the right note. Everything has a place in these tremendous and stylish leather portfolios for men. Nothing is going to get lost when you need it most with this model. Be the man in charge at the meeting, not the one tripping over his stuff!

Stylio prides itself in offering accessible prices for professional items. and this is another example of just that. This is a model where style meets functionality. Even if it’s not the most expensive item on this list you won’t be feeling like a slouch toting this one around!

Sure, it’s not a real “leather” portfolio. However, the texture looks and feels like real leather and will give you the confidence of a pro. That is a hard thing to substitute.

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4) Saddleback Leather Co. Business Notepad Folder

Again we’re turning to one of the more professional, real-grade leather portfolio models on this list. Saddleback Leather Co. is a widely respected name in the business. This model is real leather, and has to be seen to be believed!

It offers a durable cover with precision stitching that laces each layer of full-grain leather together.

These leather portfolios for men were simply built to last! Of course, it says so right in the advertising. These crazy kids believe they are so great that they really boast long-lasting service, with a 100-year guarantee. No business puts their name down for any issue for 100 years of a product being in use.

Well, except for Saddleback.

They certainly put their money where their mouths are, that’s for sure. This leather notebook portfolio is also packed with space for extra odds and ends. No matter what you’re carrying around, it can find a home in this model.

It might not be the least expensive entry on this list, but when you get this kind of quality, people will think you put a lot into the buy.

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5) Gallaway Leather Padfolio

These leather portfolios for men come all the way from Australia. We’re happy to hear from them that no kangaroos were harmed in the making of this product. Jokes aside, this is another faux-leather model that you’d have a hard time figuring out wasn’t real.

No one at the office will either, as the look and feel of this padfolio will seem so genuine you’ll be shocked you’re not paying more!

You won’t be paying much for this model because it’s an entry-level model. Don’t let that turn you off from it. As it contains all the basics for organizing your business or student life that you’ll possibly need. It doesn’t have extra space because most are not looking for it.

Like the best leather portfolio models for rising businessmen, it’s not concerned with showing off. More so, it’s too bus showing what it has and what it can do for you.

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6) Nero Manetti Business Leather Portfolio

While the earlier leather portfolios for men on this list were on the far side of the expensive-accessible scale, this model reaches towards the middle ground. With real leather and a host of space for all the business essentials that you’ll need, this is the perfect leather business portfolio for rising stars.

It might not have the obvious class of one of the more expensive models on this list. However, you can’t compare the faux-leather of the cheaper models with the full leather of this version. It simply isn’t fair to compare in these contexts.

This model isn’t a zippered leather portfolio, but you won’t have to worry about anything falling out of place. Everything fits snugly and stays right where you put it! With the quality behind the Nero Manetti name, you won’t be getting enough of this portfolio!

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7) Wundermax Executive Padfolio

Another mid-range, real leather portfolio! This is a great model for up-and-coming businessmen who aren’t wanting to carry around tons of extra papers and such. These leather portfolios for men have the room for various essentials you’ll love to use.

It also encourages its owner to choose only the most important paperwork to carry with him. With you being a confident, powerful businessman, why would you want to carry around anything extra?

While in principle this model is unisex, this is a portfolio that communicates organization and seriousness to whoever is watching. An effortlessly suave carry, this portfolio is made with only the best in mind, man or woman. Stay efficient and on-task with this great entry!

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8) LUST Leather Business Portfolio

Another mid-range entry with full leather and special features, these leather portfolios for men from LUST are amazing. They surely live up to the name of the brand. This is a designer leather portfolio that looks great no matter where you’re carrying it.

This model has cleverly hidden handles that make it look like a briefcase. These handles allow you to carry this with ease no matter if you’re heading to the office, a presentation, or a sales pitch. You won’t get enough of the fantastic, leather feel this model has!

This is leather portfolio is surprisingly light for its size. It has more than enough space for whatever size document you’re wanting to store and it makes a statement when you carry it around. It might not fit into every bag or briefcase, but with the aforementioned handles, you don’t need another bag anyway!

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9) Maruse Executive Leather Portfolio

This is the kind of leather portfolios for men that really turn heads! Why wouldn’t it? It comes all the way from Italy, a country that has style written right down in its bones. This is a model that speaks of professionalism and executive power, which ends up being the quality you’ll be paying for.

Like a powerful executive, this model occupies itself with only the essentials. There aren’t spaces for every little note or pen under the sun. When you carry this portfolio, you’ll be thinking of the essentials.

Given its Italian heritage, this is a portfolio that would be just as well used as a leather art portfolio as much as for executive purposes.

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10) Rustic Town Supreme Business Portfolio

The best leather portfolios for men are the ones that show their quality. Perhaps not just at first glance, but every time they’re brought into a room people will slowly begin to notice. This entry from Rustic Town is exactly that. With an elegant, faded brown look, the leather shows power and confidence no matter where you are.

The exterior is oil rubbed and distressed, with high-quality stitching affirming product quality. This is a portfolio that’s long lasting!

One of the reasons professionals and businessmen look for leather portfolios is for their ability to make their lives just a bit easier. They are busy people, of course. While some models prefer a sleek, essentials-only approach, this is a portfolio that has room for everything.

From Macbooks to spare notes to business cards and pens, this is a portfolio that increases organization. It manages to do it all with a distinct sense of style!

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11) Forevermore Zipped Padfolio

While many of the models on this list are black, this model is a wonderful brown color, like most leather tends to be. These leather portfolios for men are a zipped model, and they happen to come in at an affordable price. Here we’re getting back into entry-level models, with a style that’s accessible to anyone regardless of their level in the business world.

With environmentally-friendly faux-leather, this portfolio has a great feel that would fool anyone!

This model comes with a three-ring binder as well as space for business cards, extra notes, devices, and pens. It is clearly a model that’s streamlined for the businessman’s real needs. The portfolio comes with a zippered close to make sure that everything stays in place, you won’t be losing or spilling anything ever again!

This is a leather portfolio that’s a great pick for anyone looking to up their game and stands in the business world with their head high and proud.

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12) Carmel Concept Professional Padfolio

These leather portfolios for men are yet another entry-level model, yet this version offers full PU leather. With a slim build and a zip closure, this professional padfolio fit alongside others yet stand out despite this. While never compromising on style, it’s a leather portfolio with an accessible price.

Plus, it has a lot of space for different odds and ends.

Need spots for your business cards? Check! Want to bring along your laptop or MacBook? Taken care of!

While some may prefer a brown leather portfolio, nothing competes with black for a professional look that’s both versatile and functional. The PU leather looks great alongside more full-grade leather and you’ll have nothing to be ashamed of standing next to your executive colleagues.

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13) AmazingStuffs Portfolio Case

These leather portfolios for men are entry-level, but tremendous in style and overall substance. AmazingStuffs happen to be the brand behind this model that is composed of PU leather. This is a more accessible material that helps keep the price low while not compromising on style or elegance.

It has space for a lot of different additional objects, offering so many pockets that you may not know what to do with them all! There’s also a three-ring binder that you’re free to detach if it’s not what you need.

You can use this as a leather art portfolio case or as a traditional executive padfolio. It’s versatile and fits in any context. It’s ready for the office or the meeting room and with all the ways you can use it, you won’t be needing another model!

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14) Samsill Vintage Portfolio

These leather portfolios for men by Samsill are yet another great entry-level model. Their version has everything that an up-and-coming businessman will need. It’s a synthetic leather portfolio that looks so good that people won’t even notice the leather isn’t exactly real.

No matter if you’re carrying it to the office or on your way home, it’ll catch everyone’s eye!

It’s a lightweight model that isn’t concerned with the non-essentials. There’s space enough for writing pads and a pen or two along with loose notes and business cards.

What else will a busy businessman need? These leather portfolios for men can be used as a resume portfolio or you can use it to carry your latest proposals to an executive meeting! It has the vintage look of a heavy book, giving the impression of a street-smart professional heading to high places.

Accessible and stylish, this is a model to keep!

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15) Khomo Universal Tablet Padfolio

Many of the leather portfolios for men on this list are geared towards traditional paper-and-pen toting. However, this entry from Khomo takes its cues from modern technology! What’s more professional than arriving at a meeting, then instead of whipping out a pen and notepad, you reveal a dynamic tablet?

You’ll then be able to take all your notes on it!

Unlike any other leather portfolio on this list, this is a smaller, compact padfolio that can slip with ease into briefcases of any size. It’s incredibly lightweight as well, allowing you to take it anywhere you need to look professional.

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16) The Leather Warehouse Padfolio

When you’re heading into an interview or an important sales pitch, you need to look as confident as you feel. Leather portfolios for men like this model is a great thing to take with you. With genuine leather used in the cover, you’ll be making quite the impression!

There’s a lot of space here for business cards, passports, and any other objects you may need. With the convenient flap-snap closing, you won’t have to worry about losing anything.

A number of the models on this list are either brown or black, but this model mixes both colors to great effect! That and this is an accessibly-priced model that’s great for students or rising businessmen. No matter where you are, whether you’re in a meeting or an interview, leather portfolios for men like this make a lasting impression.

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17) Bospa Padfolio

We’re closing this Men’s Gear list of the best leather portfolios for men on the market. It’s an entry-level model, with full-leather to make it incredible to look at. With this model, you don’t have to worry about compromising style for affordability. Its cover is sleek, thin, and perfect for any context.

These leather portfolios for men will fit in at your graduate class or during your next sales pitch. It might not be an executive leather portfolio, but it has all the features you need for regular business work.

This model offers a bunch of side pockets that can house everything you can think of, like notepads, spare notes, ebook readers or business cards. Overall, this model allows you to never be without everything you need at work. This leather portfolio has space for all you need and more.

Plus, you can rest assured with the one-year warranty provided by Bospa. Style, efficiency and affordability: what more does a man need?

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Grab one and go!

One of the most important things a man can do for himself at work is to make sure that he’s got his style down. Going in with a great pair of shoes or a fitted jacket only does so much to make an impression. Especially if you’re walking in there with a portfolio that’s falling apart.

Leather portfolios for men allow you to rid yourself of those flimsy plastic versions. You’ll never have to deal with any random breaks with your papers going everywhere. You’ll have the space you need without the need for compromise, and many can fit inside your already established briefcase for extra space.

Recycle the plastic and get what you, and every man really needs.

We at Men’s Gear wanted to make sure that finding the best leather portfolio for you was easy. With our comprehensive list above, you’ll be able to go through and find what it is you need. It doesn’t matter what matter about the size, quality of the leather, price, or the amount of extra stuff you need inside,

We’ve taken a look at everything and presented the information as clearly as possible for you.

The only thing left for you to do is to grab one, pay for it, and begin its use. Your success awaits you, and you should look as great as you’re feeling!