rrrrr, it’s a bit chilly, isn’t it? As the days get shorter and the wind whips into gear, you’re going to be slowly feeling the cold creeping in and penetrating your very soul. This cold will keep you clinging to bedsheets on those frigid early mornings. Eventually, you’ll need to get up but also keep warm. Winter jackets for men are great but what type works best?

You don’t need to suffer in the cold. While it might be chilly outside, that doesn’t mean that you have to feel the chill. There are heaps of different tactics that you can try to ensure you march through the snow feeling like you’re next to a warm fire.

This can include wrapping up in scarves, hats, gloves, long johns – or you can just not go outside altogether. While these might be decent solutions, they don’t protect you as much as a winter jacket.

Not just restricted to those living out their days in the Yukon, winter jackets for men are an invaluable investment that is sure to keep you cozy and comfortable during the cold times. Winter jacket technology has only evolved, and now there is a variety of excellent products that are just waiting to be pulled from the hanger.

Why don’t you flip that collar up, pull those gloves on, and make sure those boots are tied tight and venture with us into the tundra to find the best winter jackets for men.

Ladies and gentlemen, winter is coming and we’re prepared!

What are the main things to consider when buying a winter jacket?

When buying any winter jackets for men, you can’t just rely on any old jacket to sufficiently protect your from the great outdoors. Rather, you need to laboriously pour over all the possibilities and all of the features. You also need to know the who, what, why, and how of the jacket to make sure it’s the right one for you!

Of course, you could just read this little guide outlining the key things to consider, it might be easier.


We won’t waste too much time on the weight of the jacket but winter jackets for men are typically much heavier than your average coat. The insulation, padding, lining, and other materials all contribute to greater weight.

You’ll certainly need to consider this, especially if you’re frequently walking over unstable ground.

We don’t want you sinking into the abyss. Weight is also important to note if you have any back trouble or if your body is relatively small. The bigger the jacket, the higher the weight. If you’re a man at 210lbs it makes sense that a winter jacket for you could be 20lbs easily.

However, if you’re a smaller man of 160lbs status, that 20lbs worth of jacket could be much harder to deal with.


Unlike your lightweight jackets for the fall, jackets made for the winter have to accommodate the potential for layering. Everywhere you look, layering is considered the number one way to prevent feeling the chill during winter.

You’ll need to think about how many layers you can fit under your jacket when buying a new one for sure.

If the winter jacket is warm enough on its own, it’s likely you won’t need much under it. Especially when you won’t be outside as much. However, if you are going to be outside a lot or in Canadian winters then you’re certainly going to need as much as possible on.

That said, you’ll need to accommodate this by knowing how much you can wear in comfort.

Some jackets can get a tad cumbersome if they’re too large. If you’re someone who doesn’t enjoy looking like a marshmallow when walking down the road, think about that size issue.


The type of lining inside the coat will help you determine just how warm you’re going to be, as well as adding to (or detracting from) the comfort level. The majority of winter jackets for men have a fleece lining that is designed to insulate your body heat and keep you warm.

Even when sub-zero temperatures descend, it can be useful.

However, this very same fleece lining can also cling to and retain moisture. That means things such as sweat, rain, and snow can be involved here and that can make the jacket both uncomfortable and distracting. Thankfully, there are a number of jackets that are now designed to be hydrophobic, allowing moisture to run off or evaporate altogether.

In terms of body temperature, warmer isn’t always better. To avoid the risk of overheating, search for a jacket that offers excellent breathability while still keeping you warm. You’ll thank us later.


Hooded winter jackets for men are a great way to protect your entire body from windchill, rain, snow, sleet, hail, and whatever else Mother Nature decides to throw at you. They’re incredibly useful, but not everyone likes the hood. Some prefer to use it only when they need it.

Meanwhile, others are more partial to a beany or wooly hat to protect them from the elements.

Depending on your feelings about hoods altogether, you want one that is removable. Some jackets have an attached hood that can be added or removed completely. The most common you’ll see are versions you can throw back out of the way and put on quickly when you want it.


Is waterproofness a word? Well, it is now.

Some of you spend your winters like birds by enjoying the sunnier parts of the world like a coward. For those of us who brave it out, you’ll know how essential it is to have a waterproof jacket to keep you dry. You’ll see all kinds of unpredictable weather conditions in the winter, so you need to be prepared.

There’s little worse than believing you’ve bought a waterproof coat, only to find that it isn’t waterproof at all. Some might barely even be water resistant. Ensuring your winter jacket is waterproof will save you a lot of issues and keep sicknesses away that can come with wet winter conditions.

This will give you the chance to step out in all sorts of wild conditions. That’s even if the only reason for doing so is because you can.


We’re not talking about kevlar or built-in chainmail, brave knights of the Gears of Men (we kinda like that honestly). Although, that chain stuff be useful in some parts of the world.

Anyway, we’re referring to protection from the elements. The element protections you’ll want to be included are things like windproofing, waterproofing, and ventilation. You’ll also want design choices that help keep you as toasty and comfortable as possible while outside.

You may even want to consider having a cinched hem. These are incredibly useful during a storm. If you live in an area where winter storms are problematic, this is a must-have.


Nobody wants to wear an ugly jacket and no one wants to be on the wrong side of fashion history. Remember how people from the 1980’s look back at their style and cringe? Yeah, that could be you if you’re not careful.

The overall design is also something that you’ll need to think about, even if you don’t consciously do it.

We’re always drawn to something that we like the look of. If we see something that just looks off, we’re inclined to move on. It’s human nature, so most can understand that concept. With a good looking jacket, your vanity will take control and you’ll feel better too, and isn’t that all we’re really after in life?

That means long-lasting types of jackets will usually hold up. Leather and Jean jackets have been in fashion for decades and for good reason. They work and they look good, well, usually. We cannot all look like The Fonze from Happy Days in leather or Jon Bender from The Breakfast Club in a jean jacket.

However, it can be rocked well by most.

Pockets and Extras:

Pockets, pockets, pockets!

Winter jackets for men are filled with pockets. Some are obvious, but others aren’t so much. You might have had your jacket for a couple of months before you discover a new one. Funny enough, that’s like getting a whole new jacket.

These are incredibly convenient and can store your wallet, keys, phone, portable charger, lunch, and anything else you want!

It’s not just pockets that make a jacket much more attractive to you, though. There are also things like headphone loops, zippers inside of zippers, glove clips, and many, many more. All need to be considered when looking for any winter jackets for men, as they can all be useful.

What materials are winter jackets for men usually made of?

The best kinds of winter jackets for men on sale will be constructed using the very best materials. There’s quite a wide range of great materials and fabrics. All are used to make the most effective, comfortable, and warm winter jackets available.

Let’s just focus on the three areas of the jacket that make a real difference.


Also referred to by those in the winter jacket fanatic community as the shell. The exterior of your winter jacket can be made from a number of different materials. Each offers something to make your jacket wearing experience the best it could possibly be.

These materials include nylon, polyester, cotton, and polyurethane. Many will generally be waterproof, which in the winter is an absolute must unless you’re planning on auditioning for the part of Drowned Rat #3.


Interiors are specifically engineered by the best winter jacket scientists around the globe to keep you warm and comfortable. This interior will typically be made from fleece or even wool if you’re feeling fancy. Both are excellent at retaining heat as well as preventing any sweating.

This provides an overall excellent experience for everybody involved.

In some jackets, you might also find a mesh combination. This helps offer breathability and happens to be more versatile than just something you’ll wear during winter.


The filling of your jacket acts as an insulator. The interior may strive to keep you warm, but the filling is where the real money is made. This filling provides the puff that you probably associate with winter jackets. The overall filling helps to create small pockets of air that are then trapped, keeping you are toasty as possible.

Normally, the filling is made from goose or duck feathers, but there are some companies that have realized how cruel this can be. Thus, they have started taking strides towards filling their jackets with synthetic insulation.

This isn’t as effective as the feathers were, but in the long run, the right material found could make it very useful.

Should I go for style or maximum warmth? Can I have both?

Of course, you can have both! Style and warmth are not mutually exclusive. There’s a vast array of stylish winter jackets for men that will also provide a satisfactory amount of warmth and insulation. Days of the garish, loud, and even ugly winter jackets for men are a thing of the past these days.

Hopefully, they never make a comeback!

Some might think that it doesn’t matter how you look in your jacket, as long as it keeps you warm. However, there’s a lot of dudes that would disagree. Think about it, you’re going out in public with actual people around so you want to look good, even it’s only for you.

We don’t know about you, but we just feel happier if we know we look good.

That being said, there’s no point in avoiding effectiveness just so you look good. At the end of the day, winter jackets offer a great way to avoid the wet and cold environment of the winter. At least, that is their design, ideally.

Although, you’ll need to do some research to find the right balance between style and warmth.

Otherwise, you’ll end up resembling something closer to Mr. Freeze and look terrible. Or you’ll have something horrible on to adequately be prepared for winter periods. Luckily for everyone, manufacturers have been in the game long enough to find that perfect balance between both style and warmth.

Now it’s all about where you look and what you might find.

How heavy are winter jackets? Will I be weighed down by my jacket?

The weight of your winter jacket will depend on the type of jacket you get. There are winter jackets for men that are designed for skiing and snowboarding but can be rocked without a slope in sight and still look good.

They can keep you warm just as well as be extra padding when you’ll eventually crash in the snow.

Meanwhile, there are other jackets that are lightweight and slim fitting. They may not appear as if they can keep you warm, but in actual reality, they are insanely good at doing such.

What you need to find is something that suits you and one you’ll be okay wearing every day that the temperature lower. If you’re planning on wearing just a jacket over your base layer, then you don’t need something too bulky or heavy.

On the other hand, if you’re wearing layer upon layer, then a jacket that can help accommodate those layers.

With products like casual jackets for men, you won’t get weighed down as they’re not that heavy at all. They’re designed purely to be worn on short trips to the store, to the bar, or to pick the kids up.

There is really no intention of it being worn outside for long periods of time.

If you’re concerned about being weighed down, this may only be a problem for ones that use heavier materials or is an overall larger model. This is not how all operate, as we’ve highlighted. However, you’ll need to find the one that works best for you.

What are the ethical considerations when buying a winter jacket? 

We know you probably don’t need reminding about ethical issues, and you might already be aware of them. However, we feel that it’s something important to consider if you want to wear a totally cruelty-free piece of clothing.

Especially when you want to enjoy all the benefits of warmth without any of that crippling guilt.

We should note that there are some products on our list that engage in certain unethical practices to source their filling and fur. One of the primary culprits is Canada Goose, who is unabashed about the trapping techniques they use to obtain coyote fur for their hood linings.

Despite this, their products are still immensely popular in a time where everyone has pretty much agreed that fur and cruelly made clothing is a big no-no. In colder cities across North America, you will see Canada Goose logos on every street.

This is due to the otherwise high quality of the jackets themselves, which might (among other things) contribute to the price.

We’re not here to tell you what to buy, and we’re not even saying we’ll think any less of you if you decide to go ahead and order a Canada Goose product. It might be that you were unaware of their practices, so if this causes you to reconsider your shopping habits, cool!

If you’re still interested in purchasing from companies like them, then that’s cool too.

Braving the Cold

Whoever thought there’d be so much to learn before getting a winter jacket? At least you’re fully educated on the unexpected nuances of what makes a great jacket.

Without any more waiting around, here are our picks of winter jackets for men that are sure to bring some warmth into your life.

1) The North Face McMurdo Parka III

The North Face brand is very popular in the clothing industry, and for good reason. This is why we could not help but add their McMurdo Parka II item to the list. These truly are among the best winter jackets for men on the market today.

This jacket is made using a mix of faux fur, nylon, and polyester, as well as waterproof polyurethane. It’s a surefire way to ensure warmth all winter long and you will look good in it too.

With a multitude of pockets, you can forget about dragging a backpack with you. You can keep nearly everything you need in the chest, front, and inner pockets. The hood can be removed if the weather looks promising, or just if you’re not a fan of hoods.

Meanwhile, expert construction makes it completely windproof. This makes the impressive model from North Face a perfect for both the city streets or wide, open mountain ranges.

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2) Tommy Hilfiger Classic Hooded Puffer Jacket

The Tommy Hilfiger Classic Hooded Puffer jacket is considered amongst the very best warm winter jackets for men today. There’s a good reason for it. The Hilfiger brand perfectly combines practicality and style for an unrivaled look sure to suit any guy during the winter months.

Made with top-quality construction, it offers comfort that you’ll struggle to find elsewhere. This is evident from the hood to the hem of this item. Proper and perfect stitching and design make this item a must-have.

Not only due to the great style but the confidence it’s made very well. With a brand like Hilfiger, it has come to be expected anyway.

Despite its ‘puffiness’ it’s much sleeker than you might expect. The model is great for layering over a hoodie or sweater to give you that extra bit of protection from the elements. The hood is separate from the collar, so you’ll still get great wind protection against the neck and chin.

Meanwhile, its waterproof material ensures you’ll stay bone dry, even when the heavens tumble all around you.

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3) The North Face Resolve 2

The impressive Resolve 2 from the equally impressive North Face brand is terrific and very deserving to be on a list of the best winter jackets for men. The design uses The North Face’s patented DyVent material technology and combines it with the always-reliable polyurethane.

Resolve 2 is a jacket that would be ideal walking through the coldest, wettest streets anywhere in the world and still be able to keep you effortlessly warm and dry. This makes it an incredibly durable product that’s built to last, and it’s designed to hold up against all sorts of extreme conditions.

This is further reinforced with the storm flap features that help protect from the most unpredictable weather. It also comes with a hood that can be stowed in the model. This only served to perfectly complement this jacket, and it gives you a bit of variety.

Lightweight and mesh-lined, it’s certainly ready for whatever conditions you step out into

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4) Under Armor ColdGear Reactor

Under Armor might be known for their athletic gear, especially the types meant to help you stay cool. Yet they make some amazing winter jackets for men as well. The ColdGear Reactor model from them is impressive.

This is in spite of the fact that it sounds like a Bond villain’s name for their Doomsday Device.

Lightweight and immensely comfortable, the Reactor brings the sleek and sophisticated designs that Under Armor is famous for. It uses them to make the winter a walk in the park, with included water and windproofing for the jacket.

In addition to this, it looks amazing. Despite being a puffer jacket by definition, it doesn’t possess as much bulk as your traditional puffer jacket might have. This makes it a great casual winter jacket that can be thrown on easily if you need to run out to handle some errands.

It truly offers proper warmth that helps you avoid the need to layer up. It can also be packed neatly away in its own pocket, which makes it one of the most conveniently portable jackets ever.

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5) Tommy Hilfiger Micro Twill Full-Length Hooded Jacket

With a whole bunch of pockets, a fur-lined hood, and ribbed cuffs, these winter jackets for men will serve well all winter long. It provides warmth, comfort, and isn’t so heavy that it weighs you down.

The brand behind the jacket, Tommy Hilfiger, is clearly one of the best in the industry.

The ribbed cuffs help to protect you from wind chill, while the fur around the hood can be removed. It also avoids the pitfalls of some larger winter jackets for men by not being too bulky, which is likely helped by its weight. The lightweight design makes it a great jacket for all occasions and will suit any environment its in.

Rock this model with confidence when going to work, as it won’t interfere with your professional look or your casual one.

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6) Canada Goose Lodge Slim Fit Down Jacket

Our first Canada Goose item offers a very warm, light nylon winter jacket that guarantees excellent insulation throughout the cold winter. The front zipper is sturdy and designed to prevent any whistle of wind from getting inside.

This protects you from the wind that is likely to get in.

You’re further protected by the adjustable drawcords around the hood, that is perfect for keeping your nose from turning red. Sorry, Rudolph, we’re keeping you away this time. These winter jackets for men have fleece-lined pockets to keep your hands warm as well.

As a bonus, it can be packed away inside itself and doubles as a handy travel pillow. Can we really hate a jacket pillow guys? Come on!

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7) Canada Goose Chateau Slim Fit Jacket

These winter jackets for men are slim-fitting, thigh-length and equipped with durable nylon. This all combined for a highly robust and long-lasting design that will keep you warm, mostly dry, and comfortable. Using the Canada Goose Arctic-Tech fabric, you might forget that cold even exists.

Step into each frosty morning feeling like you’re still in bed, if only you were so lucky.

If you’re an animal lover, you might not care for the Canada Goose fur inclusions. However, fur was used to remain warm by the cavemen and for centuries following. This item has genuine coyote-fur that lines the hood. The rest uses relatively machine-made material, such as the nylon referred to.

It’s one of the best winter jackets for men on the market today. In part, that is thanks to the genuine fur. It aside, the jacket holds up well with a ton of great material. It’ll do the job well in keeping you warm, that is certain.

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8) Under Armor Storm ColdGear Infrared Bevel Jacket

Under Armor cannot seem to hold themselves back when it comes to great gear for the cold times. This item from the brand as part of its ColdGear line is impressive. It’s one of the best winter jackets for men today simply due to how it is made and the features it has all while being lightweight.

The brand behind it did not hurt things either.

It’s windproof and waterproof, so you can feel safe on any mountainside or open area. Meanwhile, the breathable material keeps you comfortably cool. Obviously, you don’t want to be “too cool” in the winter, but the comfort but the breathable material allows you to avoid getting too toasty.

It will zip up to your chin to provide you the best protection from the elements. It comes with several useful exterior pockets so you can carry your keys, phone, wallet, and whatever else with ease.

A great looking jacket that provides everything one should, this would make an ideal addition to any winter collection.

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9) The North Face Arrowood Triclimate Jacket

Designed to battle against wind, sleet, snow, rain, this 3-in-1 jacket from The North Face gives you a massively versatile option. These are incredibly impressive winter jackets for men, and worthy of this list for several reasons. It’s lined with a DryVent shell, allowing you to keep as dry as you are warm.

Meanwhile, the hood attached can be fully adjusted to protect as much or as little as you like.

The inner shell uses fleece, offering a vital way to for ensure you stay as toasty as humanly possible. All while doing its best to prevent a build-up of moisture with proper breathability. If you’re looking for the best winter jacket that will serve you all year-round, the Arrowood provides everything and more.

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10) Canada Goose Langford Slim Fit Parka

Constructed using polyester, cotton, and fur these winter jackets for men were created for success. Truly, it would serve you very well striding down the city streets with a purpose. It’s slightly longer than most coats, which provides that extra protection on the legs.

It’s surprisingly needed in the most frigid parts of the country, trust us on that. Meanwhile, the storm flap over the zipper further prevents any cold creeping in.

For those of you who love extra pockets, you’re in luck. This jacket features four of them, and that’s just on the outside, with an additional ‘secret’ pocket on the inside chest. Truly you’ll never have to stuff your jeans and trousers full of phone, wallet, or keys again.

A very modern design, this jacket could be the one for the urban gentleman.

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11) Hugo Boss Water-Repellent Down-Filled Jacket

Hugo Boss could very well be considered the best when it comes to winter jackets for men. They offer you a top quality solution for staying warm, making it perfect at its job. It’s able to do this by using top materials that guarantee unparalleled toastiness throughout the winter.

It’s thick, but not too thick, and matches naturally with both office and casual attire. Meaning you’ll never be left shivering no matter where you are.

The dual front pockets make it easy to store items or simply keep your hands warm if you’ve forgotten your gloves. Meanwhile, the hood can be pushed back out of the way to prevent it getting in the way when the skies above are as clear as ever.

Its double zip makes it easy to adjust for your desired comfort. This is not something you see on any old jacket. This pinpoints another in the sea of reasons why these Hugo Boss winter jackets for men should get your consideration.

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12) The North Face Inlux Insulated Jacket

At just 8 ounces, these North Face winter jackets for men are a marvel of insulation and dryness engineering. One must wear it to believe the hype. With a breathable material to keep you comfortable, you can wear this in the very coldest conditions without feeling a twinge of chill.

It’s lightweight and stylish, making it well worth the price and perfect for most clothing you may already own. While the hood is not capable of removal, one can get have the guarantee that this command attention even in the densest blizzard.

Using heatseeker insulation, you are set to enjoy unrivaled warmth. All while also ensuring that there’s no danger of overheating or sweating half your body weight. Furthermore, the adjustable drawcord hem makes it easy to either tighten or loosen.

This means you’re prepared for any level of wind, even when you’re least expecting it. To complement the model, adjustable cuffs come into play that allows you to accommodate extra layers or gloves with ease.

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13) Carhartt Ridge Sherpa Lined Sandstone Jacket

The design of the Sherpa Sandstone allows one to use it on mountainside hikes or on a nice camping trip in the fall to winter months. It’s not made for those who are hustling to work in the big city without much time for the outdoors.

For the outdoor types, this is among the best winter jackets for men we’ve found to date.

That includes from previous years!

Its double zip provides extra durability, while the side and chest pockets offer great options for carrying all your things. This is on top of doing its job of keeping you warm in the cold!

The Carhartt brand also provides rib-knit storm cuffs to this model to further protect you from the cold. Meanwhile, the collar is high enough to give your neck the protection it requires. Unfortunately, it’s not waterproof, but it might just hold up in a flash rainstorm until you get home.

However, if you live somewhere that barely sees any rain, like a Seattle or London half the year, this would not be for you. Everywhere else, this is likely perfect for you.

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14) The North Face Roamer Parka

These North Face winter jackets for men are ideal for the wandering souls among us. This is a classic look from the brand that will provide you sweet, succulent warmth. Meanwhile, also looking good whether you’re on your way to the bar or on the way to work.

The zip is strong and able to handle multiple seasons, while the length of the jacket is perfect for providing that extra bit of cover. Ones that you might see some of the gustier cities in the country.

On top of this, the insulated lining is both lightweight and effective, without feeling too bulky. Although some might prefer their jackets a little slimmer.

The hood will is easy to flip on or off, and can be quickly tightened or loosened with a cinch at the chin.

This jacket can handle a little wind or rain easily.

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15) Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket

These Patagonia winter jackets for men are an awesome piece of clothing. It provides perfect protection against rain and the chill that comes with it. It’s able to retain nearly 99% of all generated body heat, making this a warm jacket to have on those cold winter nights.

This combines with its ultra-lightweight design to create a product that should be at the top of everybody’s gift list this year.

As a bonus, it’ll also compress down and fit into its own pocket for excellent portability. What might catch your eye is the fact that the materials are recycled, seriously! Most jacket manufacturers that could do similar but choose not to.

With Patagonia, you will see quality garments provided in a responsible way.

If that’s what you look for in your clothing, then this is the perfect brand for you. Along with their incredible jacket.

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16) Carhartt Quilted Flannel Lined Sandstone Active Jacket

Our final piece of the winter jackets for men puzzle is something that is ideal for camping, hiking, and just keeping warm. This jacket comes in a slight-bomber style that is quite impressive. This also comes with a comfortable and somewhat large hood.

Its design enables the hood to keep your face as well as your neck and ears safe from brutal winds.

On the inside, quilted material lines this jacket to help trap air and provide incredible warmth. Meanwhile, the rib-knit cuffs ensure that every atom of body heat stays exactly where it should be. Its durable and classic band is hugely effective and you can get caught in the rain without an issue.

What’s a couple of raindrops, anyway?

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Wrapping Up

Winter chill comes in often overnight without warning. We may not need John Snow to tell us that winter is coming, but we will surely know. We feel it, often deep in our bones, and know we need protection from it.

Winter jackets for men are perfect shields that even Captain America would be envious of.

There is such a wide range of awesome, comfortable, and incredibly warm jackets available. With designs that suit your biggest needs, so it would be foolish not to invest in one.

Not only will they keep you warm this winter, but they’ll also do the job next winter, and the winter after that. The design of each jacket is to keep you toasty while being able to last. Making the decision now to add one to your closet is an investment that you’ll not regret.

Effective, practical, and always stylish, the winter jacket will make the coming cold so much easier to deal with. In fact, your new winter jacket might be such an appreciated purchase. One that you’ll look for excuses to go out in, just so you can show it off and reap the benefits.

There’s a lot to grumble about during the winter months. However, with a coat like one of the models above, being cold won’t be one of them.