n the past, messenger bags played second fiddle to totes and backpacks, feeling generally neglected and unloved. These days, it’s a different ball game as messenger bags have grown to take the lead by becoming one of the best-selling bags around. In fact, the messenger bags have the highest sales reputation of 32.7 percent.

Whether it’s a tablet, a folder of documents, laptop, or small items, a messenger bag is the perfect quintessential all-day carry item for you. Even though you still find some few briefcases hanging around these days, messenger bags have gradually become a trendy tool for the ever-ready businessman that needs to make a swift move from work to play.

But you don’t have to be a businessman to rock this trendy carry item. You can find a software developer in Silicon Valley, a stockbroker on Wall Street or anyone that doesn’t work from home use their messenger bag to take their belongings to work every day.

I can just feel your excitement for getting your hands on a brand new, swanky messenger bag. And we can’t blame you. So, read on where we will unveil the top 12 messenger bags every dapper gentleman is rocking this year.

But first, answers to a few questions we believe must be lingering in your minds right now.

Can Messenger Bags Hold Laptops?

Traditionally, when it comes to holding laptops, it’s largely believed that backpacks are a better choice. However, these backpacks could be a little strenuous sometimes and unfashionable – just ask any computer geek. The worst choice is using a briefcase to carry your laptop, it feels rather weird and “caveman-y” if the word even exists.

The nature of the average canvas messenger bag makes it the best option for carrying your laptop and computer-related devices especially if you’re based in an urban location. Its single strap makes it easy to rotate rapidly while it’s still on your shoulders compared to a backpack.

Whether you are using a 17.3-inch, 15.6-inch or a 13-inch laptop, you can always get quality messenger bags for men. The laptop messenger bags will definitely serve as a great option for those who want to merge the luxury feel of a briefcase with the ease of a backpack.

Are Messenger Bags Usually Comfortable?

When compared to backpacks, briefcases and other minority bags, the men’s shoulder bags are great for moving a lot of stuff gracefully. Considering the fact that these men’s messenger bags was first designed for carrying postal messages, it has done well to become a good carrier for other more personal items, especially for men.

In the past, the messenger bags were used by Pony Express staff and bike couriers. The aesthetics of the cross body bag was developed primarily to meet the comfortability of the postman who delivered a ton of letters while riding on a bike.

Apart from its customizable and fashionable style, being comfortable is one thing that’s not negotiable with the men’s messenger bag. You can be assured that you’ll not need much effort conveying your personal belongings compared to backpacks which require more of an effort to take off and on.

Small Vs Large Messenger Bags

Size is one crucial factor to consider when shopping for the best messenger bags. The function of your messenger bag is linked to the size. For instance, if the reason you are getting a messenger bag is to carry your 13-inch laptop to work, you might just need a small cross body bag.

However, if you are a tourist or regular traveler who likes to haul all your belongings in a smarter way without using a large traveling bag, a large messenger bag could come in handy for you.

Thus, whether you are “a Gulliver” that loves traveling or “a Jack” that loves all work and no play, the fact still remains that you have the choice of using either the large cross body bags or small messenger bags combining aesthetics and function.

Now, to our 12 best.

1) Komal Retro Buffalo Hunter Messenger Bag





15.5-inch x 11-inch x 4-inch



This handcrafted leather messenger bag is the absolute fit for men who have good taste. The dimension size of the Retro Buffalo messenger bag is 15.5-inch length, 11-inch height, and 4-inch wide. Hence, it can size a 13.5-inch Mac Book Pro easily. It also has a weight of 3.4lbs.

As the name implies, the messenger bag material is gotten from one of the finest Hunter buffalo leather. Also, it has a high-quality canvas lining. At one glance, you will notice its superb finishing, as the messenger bag is hand hewed by professional handcrafters who’ve been producing quality leather bags for years.

Just as Steve Jobs believed that every owner of an Apple product “thinks differently,” so also are the owners of the Komal Retro messenger bags.

You just have to be “thinking differently,” to be rocking one of this Rustic-Vintage-looking messenger bags which emphasizes its uniqueness. Two words best suit this bag; “elegance and durable.”

Now to the more technical part, the interior compartment has a soft pad for storing your laptop and other fragile things. It also has a huge pocket at the anterior part where you can store your files.

The bag also has an interior compartment where you can place your phone, cards, and stationeries. Also, there is an external zipper at the back for your convenience. For easy access, the messenger bag has buckle closures underneath the closure belts.

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2) Estarer Laptop Messenger Bag 


2.65 lbs


18.5-inch x 13.78-inch x 5.91-inch



If you’re a big fan of water-resistance canvas, then the Estarer laptop messenger bags would excite you. They aren’t just made of thick, durable materials with an excellent quality – these materials help protect your gadget from harsh weather conditions.

If you love space, then you have another strong reason to get this bag. The canvas messenger bag comes with a large main compartment. Not only that, the compartment has a zip enclosure and can comfortably fit a 3-inch binder.

The men’s shoulder bags can accommodate laptops that range from 17 to 17.3 inches in size. It also has a 2 x inner, a 2 x side pocket and a rear pocket. The dimensions are 18.5-inch x 13.78-inch x 5.91 inch.

However, it’s important to note that this messenger bag can’t accommodate laptops that are bigger than 17.3 inches. Obviously, such laptops are rare!

The cross body bag has a well-constructed and roomy organizer pocket. These organizer pockets have different pouches like the 3 x front pocket. This front pocket is located under the over-flap for your key, pen and ID card.

The messenger bag also has an adjustable shoulder strap and top handle. This ensures that you’re comfortable while carrying the bag. As regards safety, the zip closure and Velcro will keep your things safe.

The Estarer bags are designed specifically for work, high school and college individuals that need to take their laptops and other miscellaneous to work or school. Another interesting thing about the messenger bag is that they are also useful as travel shoulder bags and a DSLR camera bag.

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3) Vaschy Vintage Genuine Leather Canvas Messenger Bag




13.8-inch x 11-inch x 3.9-inch



This messenger bag is made of high-quality cowhide leather, which means that it’s very durable. The texture of this Vaschy messenger bag is soft and smooth. The Vaschy messenger bag also has an external dimension of 13.8-inch x 11-inch x 4 inch.

The bag also has a shoulder strap that adjusts 30.7 – 54 inches. It has a capacity of 10 liters. The strap width of the bag is 2 inch and the weight of the bag is about 2.3lbs.

If you have good eyes for bags, you’ll observe that the cowhide leather comes with a rough appearance. This is as a result of wrinkles and scratches. But apart from the visual aesthetics, the cowhide leather helps to support the important parts of the bag.

The Vaschy messenger bag has a smooth zipper, straps and an adjustable leather flap. When it comes to security, this messenger bag has magnetic clasps. The magnetic clasps are fitted inside the bag to ensure adequate security – by ensuring flying the bag open is a mountainous task.

Asides the core compartment of the bag that keeps notebooks and laptops of about 14-inches, this bag has two front pockets. That’s not all – it also has a pocket with a zipper inside. This pocket can be used to keep important notes, wallet, money etc.

This messenger gives you comfort with its adjustable strap and an extra pocket behind the bag to store anything else you desire.

And who is it fit for?

Well, this casual messenger bag is perfect for business professionals, travelers or students that love fashion. The exciting news is the Vaschy messenger bag comes with a one-year warranty.

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4) Ravuo Messenger Bag

Apart from being a water-resistant and heavy duty bag, this men’s messenger bag is constructed with a soft and long-lasting cotton canvas. This messenger bag is also quite spacious with its 16.9x 5.5x 13.6-inch size. This means the messenger bag has enough room for clothes, a camera, books, and a laptop.

Talking about laptops, this messenger bag has a padded laptop compartment with a size of 15.4x 2 x 11.8 inch. This size can fit 15.6 inch laptops with a Velcro closure to protect it. The adjustable strap moves from 13-25.2 inches. The top grab handle drop is 2.6 inches and the weight of the bag is 2.64lbs.

The messenger bag has so many pockets – over 14 pockets to be precise. It has a large zipper pocket with 2 pen sleeves and 8 card slots. It also has a zipper pocket on the flap. This pocket serves as an external access to 2 front pockets under the flap.

The bag has a back zipper pocket with leather clasp. It has 2 side pockets for an umbrella and a keychain. Asides the two slip pockets and zipper, it has an internal access to the main zipper compartment.

The messenger bag has a thick shoulder strap and a moveable shoulder pad to enhance comfort. The highlight of the messenger bag is the fact that it can be worn as a professional briefcase thanks to the top handle. It can also be worn on the shoulder or cross-body.

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5) Aaron Vintage Canvas Messenger Bag

This messenger bag can only be rocked by anyone who is planning on becoming the next “Mark Zuckerberg” or “Jeff Bezos.”  It’s a 100% original leather messenger bag any tech founder or prospective should have in his collection. This bag gives you the feel of “an internet geek with style,” making you the talk of the town whenever you are with it.

This cross body bag has a portable dimension of 14-inch length, 11-inch height and 4-inch width. Apparently, your 13-inch laptop will fit properly in it. It also has an adjustable and removable shoulder strap that’s expandable to a maximum length of 55-inches.

The messenger bag is made from original horsehide and tough canvas. Thus, it’s designed to last for a long time and a good time.

The messenger bag comes with one large compartment, an interior, small, zipper pocket, one interior small compartment, two open pockets just underneath the flap, one mobile pocket, three slots for pencils/pens, four card slots and one pocket at the back.

It also has interior paddings for your laptop. It could double as a cross body bag or handbag.

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6) Lifewit Military Multifunctional Laptop Messenger Bag

The Lifewit military messenger bag is not short of strength considering the fact that it has military in its name.

This messenger bag is made out of water-resistant nylon. It also has features like metal fasteners, buckles, and SBS zippers. All these ensure that the bag has long lasting performance. It also has strong reinforced seams which are for added strength and durability.

The laptop compartment has an anti-collision isolation pad. It can keep laptops that are 17 inches in size. The anti-collision isolation pad is for protecting the laptop against shocks and impact. The bag also has a file section and so many accessory compartments. This helps to store various documents safely and ensure items are kept safely.

The military messenger bag has multiple purpose pockets. From the three exterior pockets that hold small items like chargers, cell phones, earphones, and power banks, to the front zipper with built-in pen case and keychain.

The bag has large side pockets. It’s designed to hold any size of water bottles. It also has loops on the side pockets that give room for hanging tennis rackets, sunglasses, etc. Another nice feature is the feet pad which is found on the bottom, protecting the bag from scratches.

This messenger bag is suitable for travelling and ergonomic comfort due to its portability. It has an adjustable shoulder strap with a honeycomb pad to help relieve pressure. It also has a luggage strap that enables any attachment to become a rolling luggage and carry handles – if you prefer to hold it.

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7) Egoelife Unisex Satchel Messenger Bag

This bag is a must-have for every boy scout who’s got some swagger. The Egoelife messenger bag has a dimension size of 13.5-inch length, 10.8-inch height, and 3.1-inch width. Also, the shoulder strap has a length of about 5 feet.  It’s a portable messenger bag that could function as your school bag, work bag, short traveling bag and daily bag.

It has got some awesome pockets for placing your pens and other stationeries. It has an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap which is so comfortable that any strain or compression would be as noticeable as a shadow at night.

This portable messenger bag is made from a canvas material which is washable. Also, the canvas and leather material is high quality waterproof with solid scratch resistance. However, it doesn’t come with an inner padding.

The Egoelife messenger bag also has a unique vintage design that can be rocked by a rock star. If you love camping or going for a nice picnic in the park you will obviously love this canvas messenger bag.

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After using it for some time, the zippers develop a problem of “unzipping while in motion”.

The Stitching also begins to loosen after a certain time, thus you can’t place heavy stuff in the bag for a long time.

You can’t put any laptop above 13-inch length in the bag as it won’t fit.


8) Kenneth Cole Cross Body Messenger

If you are looking to get a solid leather messenger bag, the Kenneth Cole Reaction can just be the one for you. The men’s leather messenger has a weight of 4lbs. It also has a length of 15-inch, a height of 11-inch and a width of 3-inch inclusive of its wheels. There is a limited lifetime warranty on the product.

It’s no news that Kenneth Cole has been a leader in the fashion world for quite some years now. Thus, at one glance, you can notice the urban and sleek look of the Reaction messenger bag by Kenneth Cole. This collection has as many functions as its style.

These leather messenger bags for men is subject to any kind of change, notwithstanding its regular use because of its natural and authentic leather material. Occasionally, you may notice some sort of blemishes and variance in color.

Don’t fret!

It doesn’t mean the product has any quality issue. It’s absolutely normal.

Apparently, the anomalies faced with the inconsistency of the leather are intrinsic to its natural personality and attractiveness. The cover flap of this cross body bag has a magnetic snap closure and its shoulder strap has an adjustable length of 20 to 24-inches. Also, you can place your smartphone in one of the two organizer pouches located at the front, alongside your pen and cards.

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9) Estarer Canvas Messenger Bag

Any bloke who loves to rock denim will obviously love to have these Estarer Canvas Leather crossbody bags in his collection. The size of the main compartment is 14-inch which makes it possible for your 13-inch MacBook Pro laptop to fit properly. Ultimately, the messenger bag can take an A4 sized document without bending its edges.

These messenger bags are made from high-quality leather/ canvas materials. The design of this canvas messenger bag is absolutely timeless with an excellent quality. This men’s messenger bag is for sure an “eye catcher,” as its authentic leather flap with buckle decoration is an absolute vintage design.

No doubt, the Estarer Canvas Leather messenger bag is the perfect companion for you on a successful day. Its many spacious pockets are excellent and neatly structured.  Storing and taking out your things has never been this easy with the sharp magnetic snap closure that locks firmly.

This messenger bag can function as a laptop messenger bag, briefcase, college bag, and a carry-on bag for men. Also, its shoulder straps are quite adjustable and removable.

Having a special day coming up?

This messenger bag will go well as a great birthday gift for any close colleague at work or family member.

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10) Ytonet 17-inch Messenger Bag

With its shockproof foam padding and Multi-functional compartments, it’s clear that this black cross body bag is a good choice for any business traveler like CNN news journalist, Richard Quest. Most people term it to be a laptop briefcase.

The messenger bag weighs about 2.5lbs with a length of 17.3 inches, a height of 12.6 inches, and width of 7 inches, expandable to 9 inches. Thus, Ytonet will comfortably take in a 15-inch Mac Book Pro.

It has an incredible amount of compartments – specifically around 10. These compartments can allow independent spaces for your IPad, keys, MP3, 4A file, books, passport, pens, laptop, iPhone, wallet, watch, charger, and even more.  Still, with all the numerous compartments, you can still find what you want in the bag easily.

This laptop messenger bag is not only sturdy but it also protects your belongings from the rain or any sort of liquid. This is thanks to its nylon fabric material which is covered with a waterproof polyester coating.

It has an expansion zipper thereby making the bag more malleable, thus it could double as a duffel bag. The shoulder strap is comfortable, removable and adjustable. Thus, it could serve as both a business messenger briefcase and a hybrid shoulder bag.

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The messenger bag has interior thick paddings that can protect your laptop or any of your fragile belongings from any sudden impact.

Its spacious compartments can fit all your belongings without deforming its shape.

It’s water resistant; hence you don’t have to worry if you are caught unaware by the rain.


11) Urban Dezire Messenger Bag

The Urban Dezire leather messenger bag is one of the best messenger bags for men available in the market. It has a length of 16-inch, a height of 12-inch and width of 5-inch with a weight of 3.5lbs. Thus, it will swallow up a 15-inch laptop easily.

It has an adjustable shoulder strap that is comfortable for the shoulder. It also has a half-fold cover that comes with a belt-like strap lock. At the front of the bag are 2 small front pockets with similar strap locks as the main one.

The leather was originally made from goat hide. Thus, the messenger bag is quite soft and darkens over time when you use it regularly. The interior compartment is also soft.  There are also two zipper compartments in the messenger bag – one at the front and the other at the back, used to store your important files.

You can rock this one from springtime to winter as the Urban Dezire leather messenger bags for men are durable for all seasons. Also, the vintage design of the messenger bag is absolutely off the hook

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12) Leathario Crossbody Messenger Bag

The Leathario Men’s leather messenger bag is the perfect black cross body bag for every corporate executive that has got some swagger. The dimension size of this outstanding bag is 15.8-inch length, 12.2-inch height and 4.7-inch length with a lightweight of 2.42lbs.

This messenger bag is made from 100% genuine leather. In fact, its leather quality is blended advanced technology, the best in leather tanning. The shoulder strap has a smart and simple design that’s removable and adjustable. Thus, it’s quite easy to transform to a cross body or shoulder handbag.

The men’s messenger bag has two major compartments. There are two small inner pockets, two front zipper pocket, two front pockets, two slots for pens, one section zipper, one rear magnetic pocket, and one inner zipper pocket.

The cover fold of the leather bag has a magnetic snap closure. Its multi-capacity design will allow you to store a lot of your assets. Thus, it’s the perfect fit for traveling, schooling, and more.

The Leathario Men’s leather messenger is a durable, convenient multifunctional and flexible bag.  The durability of the shoulder strap is unquestionable, even if you’ve to use it every day. Also, every pocket in the bag is easily assessable.

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Wrapping Up

When it comes to messenger bags, making the right choice imperative. Therefore, it’s best for you to get the exact bag you need that will serve the intended purpose.

But the large variety of messenger bags in the market can make you fall into the temptation of choosing the wrong messenger bag over the right one. Thus, it’s advisable that you make up your mind on the exact one you are buying before you start your shopping – and the first steps to doing that have been provided here.