hen somebody mentions the flannel shirt, you probably think of the classic men’s red and black flannel shirts that are worn and adored by lumberjacks. Possibly even ’90s grunge musicians, and serial killers who ran away to the frigid Great White North. Likely after dropping their (admittedly dead) sister into the ocean. However, the flannel shirts for men are so much more than a stereotypical accessory

More than strictly a uniform for ax-handling individuals, flannel shirts are a massively versatile garment that can be rocked by anyone, at any time of year.

You don’t need to carry around a large ax or be struck with a seemingly incurable case of misanthropic melancholy to pull off a flannel shirt. Rather, flannel shirts for men can be used as a makeshift jacket when it is too warm for a fully-fledged coat.

Meanwhile, it’s perfect for times when it’s just a bit chilly and you need an extra layer. It’s also stylish enough to wear to smart-casual events without having the upper-class gasp. They’ll drop their monocles into their martinis for sure!

If you don’t own any flannel shirts for men as a dude, what are you playing at? You are missing out on a shirt for (almost) all occasions. Luckily, you’ve come to the perfect place as we at Men’s Gear have found the top 12 flannel shirts on the market today.

In the following selection, we cover the best flannel shirts for men that are just aching to be purchased and worn with pride. We want to make sure you look good for the colder times as well as the slightly warmer. Our list will help you find manly flannel shirts that’ll be perfect for you. Check them out, and don’t be alarmed if a beard forms soon.

What clothes can flannel shirts be worn with?

The beauty of flannel shirts for men is that they can be worn with pretty much anything. You name it, and you can more than likely mix and match it perfectly. However, the time of year can make or break some shirts. These shirts are a bit difficult to wear year-round, right?


Flannel shirts for men have a second life in the warmer times of the year just as much as they do in the colder times. This simply just depends on how you wear it along with what goes on inside the shirt. Keep in mind that most of the materials are the same but they can differ at times. There are also lighter flannel shirts along with heavier models.

Let’s go over the different types of wear, shall we?

Warmer Wear:

In the summer, you can wear one over a casual t-shirt, that can be both one solid color or have a logo/slogan on it.

If the weather is warm enough, you can get away with wearing flannel without a shirt underneath. Do us a favor and just make sure you don’t become that guy and have it unbuttoned down below your sternum. Nobody likes that guy.

As for summer pants, you can wear flannel shirts with shorts or light pants, such as chinos, for a stylish and always acceptable look. You might not be able to get away with wearing flannel to the beach. Clearly, that’s what Hawaiian party shirts are for, right?

It’s pretty simple to try shorts with these, however, you can still wear light jeans with the flannel shirt in the summer as well. This isn’t illegal, or so we think.

When it comes to the type of shoes you wear with them, this too is massively diverse and comes with a wide variety of options. Flannel shirts for men would look great with a pair of Converse or Vans, as well as really any kind of street shoe.

Furthermore, because of the rustic, hard-worn appeal of the flannel, you can get away with not having the cleanest kicks on the street. Scuffed up sneakers might even add to the look you are trying to cultivate.

However, you can still combine them with swim and surf shorts in the evenings when going out for a nice dinner. It’s really up to you. The best thing to do is look at the type or style of them. You’ll often come across “summer weight” flannel shirts for these warmer months. They are essentially lighter and made with less material to be cooler.

Colder Wear:

During Winter, flannel shirts for men truly shine. There is a reason that it is adored by lumberjacks and those who occupy north of the border. The thickness of the material and often ingenious inner lining of wool or similar insulators makes for excellent Winter clothing.

They are perfect at keeping you toasty in the cold months of the year. It can be worn with a t-shirt (for extra layers to keep out the chill), as well as either over or under a sweater.  Complete this look with thick, tough jeans and you will be onto a winner.

You won’t be able to wear it with a suit, well you could, but we’re not sure it would work.

During the colder times, you can wear your best Timbs or similar thick Winter boots and still manage to pull off the perfect flannel look. They’ll ensure that your feet stay as cozy as the rest of your body. They’ll also complete the perfect Northern woodsman look that immediately springs to mind at the mere mention of the word flannel.

Flannel shirts for men are perhaps the most versatile garment on the face of the planet. For a full-fledged flannel function, you can invest in flannel or plaid pajamas. Truly, you’ll never be without your new favorite design, day or night.

Will flannel shirts go out of fashion?

If you consider just how long men’s flannel shirts have been around, you will realize their longevity as an item of clothing that more than likely will never go out of style. Sure, fashion is cyclical, and there will be times where they are not as popular as other types of clothing.

However, when you consider all manner of fashions that have come and gone, few have been as durable as the flannel shirt.

Men’s flannel plaid shirts, in particular, are always a type of shirt that can be worn with confidence without worrying about alerting the fashion police. As we’ve already discussed (in great, great detail), the flannel shirt can be worn with essentially anything.

There are times where you definitely should not wear flannel, but who wants to go anywhere where you can’t, right? Knowing when to rock the flannel is a must, and doing so in moderation is also essential. Otherwise, you’ll end up being known as ‘That Flannel Guy.’

Admittedly, it’s not a terrible nickname by any means, but wouldn’t you rather be known for something else?

Unlike some more experimental fashion choices through the years, you can rest assured that flannel will always have a place in your wardrobe. Though typically a Fall garment, you can wear it any time of year with the knowledge that you look good.

Of course, if you feel like you haven’t seen anybody wearing a flannel shirt for a while, why not buy one of these products or pull old faithful from the closet? You might just be credited with reigniting a trend, you fashionista you.

1) Goodthreads Slim-Fit Buffalo Plaid Herringbone Shirt

Our first pick for the top flannel shirts for men is Amazon’s own Goodthreads brand, and the name does not lie. This shirt is crafted with care and attention like any good flannel shirt should be. It’s the perfect weekend partner to wear to Sunday dinner at your folk’s house, to the bar, or out on a hike.

It comes with two breast pockets that fasten with button-through pockets. It also comes with a rounded hem for easy tucking, if that’s your style.

The slim fit is comparable with slim-fit shirts from the Banana Republic. It’s tailored in the chest area for a tight, but not-too-tight fit. If you like your shirts to show off your physique, then this is the kind of fit for you. It comes at an affordable price, so you’ll not be (too) heartbroken should there be issues with the fit.

You can always return it, after all. When it comes to flannel shirts, you need to find a good balance between quality and affordability. We feel the slim-fit Herringbone achieves that balance perfectly.

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2) Goodthreads Slim-Fit Buffalo Plaid Oxford Shirt

Another slim fit shirt that boasts a more traditional flannel pattern. It seems Goodthreads always provides affordability without skimping on quality when they make flannel shirts for men. They bring you a plaid shirt that has a tailored look with a tight chest and tapered waist for the perfect slim-fit.

This happens without squeezing the life from you, something we’re very thankful for.

Unlike some shirts on this list, this flannel shirt has a button-down collar to prevent collar twisting and upturning. This makes it suitable for more formal occasions. Of course, we do not recommend showing up to your sister’s wedding wearing it.

The plaid matches perfectly with the sleeves to prevent an awkward, jagged design, and further adds to its classy potential.

Furthermore, the buttons are sewn cleanly and are tough enough to withstand years of wear. Finally, something that won’t disappear into the abyss that is the washing machine.

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3) Goodthreads Standard Fit Buffalo Plaid Oxford Shirt

Despite its astronomically cheap price, this Goodthreads shirt is still designed and created with remarkable quality. It’ll serve you well day after day, month after month, and year after year. Just make sure you get it washed every once in a while, no one likes a slob.

Its most striking feature is its rich color, which stands out and provides a classic lumberjack feel. All of this while still being suitable for other sorts of events without looking underdressed.

The fabric and build quality are great and ensure you get the most out of this shirt. It offers a lot of room in the shoulder area, so you have a more natural range of movement. With this, you can wear the shirt during DIY projects and be able to bend and reach difficult areas without fearing that you will tear the shirt.

The only real issues are the one chest pocket and no button closure, and that the sizes are slightly larger than stated online. However, knowing this should help you make a successfully informed decision.

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4) Goodthreads Slim-Fit Plaid Twill Shirt

This shirt possesses a classic grunge look that will have you dragging out Dinosaur Jr. records, The Best of Nirvana, or Soundgarden. You’ll be wondering just what went wrong with the world. Its design conjures up images of Kurt Cobain smashing his guitar on stage.

Clearly, this is among the perfect types of flannel shirts for men to wear when they want to go old school. Of course, you don’t need to be the same level of a rock star as Cobain was to wear this shirt and rock it with confidence.

Providing maximum comfort that is achieved by an excellently woven fabric, the slim-fit Twill shirt has everything you could want from a plaid shirt. It has two chest pockets with button closures and is durable enough to handle the dryer cycle while retaining its shape.

It is a shirt that would work great as a casual, lazy day shirt, as well as one that will keep you warm throughout Winter.

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5) Legendary Whitetails Buck Camp Flannel Shirt

Legendary Whitetails are famous for providing top quality plaid flannel shirts for men to wear for years. Despite this quality, they are still massively affordable for all flannel aficionados, both old and new. It brings something a little different to the table, or wardrobe.

It boasts a contrasting corduroy inner lining around the collar and cuffs for increased style and uniqueness. This material also feels comfortable on the neck and wrists, all while preventing the plaid from scratching against your neck.

It is certainly a more functional shirt than others on the list. It comes with a pencil slot in the chest pocket so you will never be without something to write with when you need it. Think about it, how often do we find ourselves needing a pen? The pocket also has a button closure to keep it safe.

n the back, it is double pleated to ensure maximum movement that will prevent premature tearing or range issues.

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6) Legendary Whitetails Shotgun Western Flannel

A great product to embrace your inner cowboy, this flannel shirt for men from Legendary Whitetails slightly more expensive than others. It’s not by much, and with this extra cost comes a more reliable and higher quality design. In true Western style, there’s a front and back yoke to truly make you look the part.

The flair design is so deliciously Western you’ll feel almost naked if you don’t combine it with a cowboy hat and some good old Texas BBQ.

When one thinks of the perfect style of flannel shirts for men to wear at a rodeo or even a random party, this fits. Embrace the man you are, and check into buying this shirt that seems to be functional for all purposes.

The double breast pockets make it useful for keeping your phone or wallet close to home if you don’t want to carry them in your pocket. On top of this, the corduroy contrast adds comfort to an already excellently pleasing shirt. Due to the tight cotton weave, it makes for the perfect Winter shirt.

It will certainly keep you warm and toasty no matter how far into the arctic tundra that you venture. If you want to call ‘shotgun’ on any shirt in this list, make sure to at least consider this one.

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7) Urban Boundaries Long Sleeve Flannel Shirt

Urban Boundaries have been making flannel shirts for men at a top-notch level for years. This shirt has been designed with the consumer’s preference in mind, just as we expected from them. Unlike other shirts that decide on either a button-down collar or not, they have given you the option of selecting which one you prefer.

This alone is a big positive to consider buying this shirt, but there’s more.

It comes at a great price and is one of the cheapest on this list. This is while still boasting a number of great qualities found in more expensive shirts, such as corduroy cuff and collar lining. However, its price is justified with some of the material issues.

The shirt comes one size too small, so make sure to buy one size larger than you are used to. Perhaps you should buy more if you plan on wearing layers during the Winter. Additionally, it has a tendency to shrink in the wash, so be careful there.

Don’t let this any of these negatives put you off this flannel shirt. It is still a great value for the money and stylish enough to force others to overestimate its price.

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8) Burnside Shutdown Plaid Flannel Long Sleeve Shirt

Crafted with a light and thin material, the Burnside Shutdown Plaid shirt is perfect. They made these flannel shirts for men to wear in either spring and summer periods. It is a great accessory for you to mix up your everyday outfit. The material is 80% cotton and 20% polyester, which makes it soft and comfortable to wear.

That’s whether or not you choose to wear it over a t-shirt. Despite its thin material, the reinforced stitching means that it can survive wear and tear. It can handle more than enough heavy cycles through the dryer.

Unfortunately, it does seem prone to shrinkage if not watched carefully. This means that those on the bulkier side will have better luck investing in other shirts on this list. That being said, it’s still perfect for slimmer customers looking to have something to wear over their everyday t-shirts.

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9) Weatherproof Vintage Flannel Shirt

Weatherproof Vintage lives up to their name and as they deliver tremendous flannel shirts for men to wear once again. This being one of the prime among them. This shirt proves that. It’s designed with a classic appearance that fits well around the shoulders. It has double button cuffs to add that extra bit of sophistication to the overall style too.

The material is just the right thickness to function for whatever purpose you require. Plus, it’s crafted with good quality to guarantee longevity for an excellent and comfortable shirt. For hassle-free storage, it has a lock loop attached to the back.

That said, you don’t need to fret over the shirt becoming creased in the locker during a gym session. The pattern and colors are bold enough to stand out. However, they are not too strong that they feel over-the-top or garish.

This makes it one of the ideal flannel shirts for men to wear for all kinds of casual occasions all year around.

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10) Woolrich Oxbow Bend Flannel Shirt

Woolrich’s Oxbow Bend Flannel shirt comes in a wide variety of colors to suit all styles and tastes. It is expertly crafted to be among the perfect flannel shirts for men to wear for a colder period, or through exploration. Its key feature is the reinforced underarm that provides an exceptional range of motion and reliability for your peace of mind.

This means you can trust this shirt to last you throughout your life, through deep woods excursions, and through all of your favorite gigs.

It’s machine washable so you can keep it looking smart and crisp. To top it off, due to being slightly on the heavy side, provides enough warmth for having your back. This also covers the arms. shoulder, and stomach too. All during the coldest Winters.

Double front pockets allow for extra storage and carry options, which are then secured by button closures.

These shirts optimize what true flannel shirts for men should be. It would be proudly worn by any lumberjack. The only hurdle you might encounter is the price, which can be as high as $112. However, if you’ve got the cash, then you may as well splash. You’re unlikely to find a shirt as sturdy and durable as this.

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11) Legendary Whitetails Trailblazer Waffle Lined Shirt

If you live in the colder parts of the country or are planning on abandoning the life you know to live with the penguins, consider this shirt from Legendary Whitetails. It has been designed with shell and body lining, as well as poly-fill insulation, to provide maximum warmth.

Clearly, when making flannel shirts for men to wear in the cold, designers must consider all of this.

The lining also provides maximum comfort while still being breathable enough to be worn during warmer months. All of this without that prickling hot feeling that an insulated coat might cause.

Unlike some products that are bought online, this flannel shirt looks exactly like it does in the picture. That means neither you or the intended recipient will be left disappointed. If you are searching for a shirt that will look good and keep you warmer than you ever knew possible, then look no further than the Trailblazer Waffle.

Its dedication to ensuring your comfort during the coldest times of the year is trailblazing in itself.

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12) Smith’s Workwear Cotton Flannel Shirt

These are perfect flannel shirts for men to wear in the summer. It can be worn to work, school, or anywhere else you see fit. With its cool and breathable fit, it will bring added style while still being cool. It will still function brilliantly as an extra, not-too-thick layer when the chill comes creeping in.

It’s available in an array of colors so you can be sure to find something you like. The fabric is brushed to ensure your comfort. However, you need to make sure you double check the size to ensure you get the right fit.

It has also been designed with an underarm gusset that increases movement and improves your comfort to maximize the wearing experience. Combined with double-tough stitching, you have one of the most reliable and durable flannel shirts on the market.

All of this at an almost unbelievable price that will make you look twice and feel like you are getting far more for your money than you should. Don’t worry, however, we won’t tell anyone.

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Time to Button Up, or Not

Designers have made flannel shirts for men for decades, and they all seem to do well. Keep in mind, flannel shirts are likely the undisputed king of diversity most men’s wardrobes. With so many possible combinations of outfits, it would be irresponsible for you not to have at least one in your closet.

They are the perfect partner for relaxing by the lake on a warm summer’s day with an ice cold beer in hand.

Flannel shirts for men are ideal for wearing when the weather is just on the brink of turning. All of this to give you some protection from the breeze. They are your best friend during the bitter Winter months by offering an extra layer that is both stylish and practical.

These shirts can be worn with or without a shirt, buttoned up, or flowing freely. Really, there is nothing a flannel shirt cannot do. So embrace the plaid flannel shirts for men right now, you’ll thank us later.