In the world of vacuums, you settle or you splurge. Though most would not blame you for settling rolling with an inexpensive vacuum, there’s a reason Dyson’s super-premium models have endured as the vacuum — so much so the brand’s biggest competition is itself.

The newest Dyson vac — the product whose release halted production of any corded, upright vacs forever — is effective, but almost $1,000. The V8 is a good alternative, but still $350 at its cheapest. What’s left? The V6.

Dyson’s V6 vacuum was the British brand’s first real push into the cordless handheld vacuum market. Its top-end suction power (100 air watts) is significantly less than the V10 (151 air watts), and somewhat less than the V8 (115 air watts), but that literally does not matter as any of these on the normal or middle suction zone is absolutely plenty of pull.

This V6 is refurbished by Dyson itself, and comes with a specific warranty guaranteeing a replacement within 6 months if it doesn’t fit the brand’s high standards. Where the V10 is $700, the V8 is $350, it is a mere $180. That’s about as affordable as a Dyson gets.

The refurbished V6 is 25 percent off on Amazon until early tomorrow morning.

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