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It’s often during the moments directly after an emergency strikes that we begin to jot down a mental — or sometimes physical — list of all the things we wish we had. A 10-pound bag of rice in the cabinet. A stash of extra contact lenses. Toilet paper. (Or maybe a bidet?) We can’t expect to have the forethought to cover all the bases, but one thing that’s smart to have around regardless of the state of the world is a first aid kit.

Of course, you don’t need to overthink a first aid kit, but if you need a well thought out example of one, look to the one made by the survival company VSSL. Its take on first aid is to stock a kit roll with tape, bandages, sterilizers, antibiotic ointment, pain killers, gauze, gloves and more, and slide that inside a waterproof, military-grade aluminum cylinder. Oh, and the cylinder is also a flashlight. And it has a compass.

VSSL made its first aid kit with the idea that adventurers could stash it in a backpack, but there’s no reason its lightweight and compact form isn’t perfect for a kitchen drawer (or a bug-out bag).

Already have first aid covered? VSSL also makes a canister filled filled survival supplies like fire starters, marine-grade rope, a fishing kit, a candle, water purification supplies and more.

Both of these emergency prep kits, along with everything else VSSL makes, are currently on sale for 20 percent off, with the discount applied at checkout.

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