Let’s be honest. When it comes to taking on wintry days, your coat becomes your new best friend. It acts as your trusted sidekick, helping you stay warm and conquer all the elements. Because we rely so heavily on a single piece of clothing, it makes sense to invest in the perfect jacket or parka. You’re ideally looking for a coat that not only feels incredibly comfortable and cozy, but also looks great and elevates your style. Nobis, the brand known for technical outerwear and classic fashion, has mastered luxury outerwear collections of winter coats, parkas and more. Most recently, it has launched the Wayland — a long reversible parka that truly belongs in your winter wardrobe. We took a deeper look at how the parka can help keep you incredibly warm and stylish this season.

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Reversible, Canadian-Origin, White Down Parka: Across its jackets, Nobis uses only certified White Duck Down and its signature breathable membrane to create an optimal fill power to warmth ratio. In other words, it creates an ideal insulating environment that makes use of your body’s own heat. The Wayland is built using this exact technology, fending off the cold and wind while keeping you dry. And to take the jacket to the next level, it offers a reversible option that seamlessly transitions to fit your outfit. Simply turn the jacket inside out to create a refreshed look.


All New Fall/Winter Style: The Wayland builds upon one of its most popular jackets, the Oliver, a reversible ski-friendly down bomber. The result is a longer version, keeping you warm from head to toe. All of the brand’s jackets are machine washable, breathable and adaptable. And what’s even better is that Nobis stands behind its products, offering a lifetime warranty.


A Meaningful Charity Donation with a Free Beanie: Nobis is making a difference with its No Cold Shoulder program — a global initiative that aims to provide gently used jackets to help our most vulnerable communities. With every jacket purchased, Nobis will donate $50 to international participating charities. The brand has committed to providing warmth to 15,000 people in need, and as a thank you, Nobis will throw in a Limited Edition No Cold Shoulder beanie with your jacket purchase.

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