Watches don’t come much tougher than what G-SHOCK builds. And those in the MASTER OF G line are the toughest the brand constructs. Made to withstand the harshest elements of land, sea and air, there is not much on Earth these watches can’t handle.

The latest addition to the MASTER OF G Series, the MUDMASTER GG1000-1A8, is the epitome of how a heavy-duty watch should be put together. Mud Resist construction means no dirt, mud, or dust will ever seep into the timepiece. The mud-resistant cylindrical guard structure uses multiple gaskets on the pipes that guide buttons and shafts. These pipes not only protect the buttons from impact, but they also enhance button operation for a two-fold benefit of durability and usability. The buttons are also fitted with a textured checkered pattern, further fortifying proper function in demanding environments by ensuring a distinct contact can always be made (like, for example, while wearing gloves in the freezing cold).

The band’s surface is also textured. While it looks like cloth at a glance, the band is actually the rugged urethane G-SHOCK has perfected. This strap acts as another line of defense for shock absorption, balancing an ideal combination of shock resistance and comfortable wearability.

Other premium G-SHOCK performance features also shine through in this MUDMASTER. Shock Resistance, 200-meter water resistance and an Auto Super Illuminator LED Light are all fitted within to establish that baseline level of G-SHOCK sturdiness and function.

Perhaps one of the standout capabilities is that of the Twin Sensor, which provides instant access to accurate direction and temperature information when needed in unrelenting conditions. The Digital Compass comes with Bearing Memory and the Thermometer has a display range from 14 to 140-degrees Fahrenheit. These are crucial capabilities for survival and usage when out in the punishing wild dealing with severe circumstances.

Made for those wanting a heavy-duty timepiece that won’t ever fail them, the MASTER OF G MUDMASTER GG1000-1A8 is an affordable utility watch ($320) that can withstand anything you throw at it.