Walking the pour over path requires gear, and that gear begets more gear, and that gear makes you wonder if you need another bit of gear and eventually making a cup of coffee becomes a $1,000 endeavor.

But just after choosing your pour over mechanism (the most popular being Chemex, Hario and Kalita), you need something to pour the water onto the grinds — and no, dumping the whole lot of water all at once is not a great idea. A full dump of water doesn’t allow your ground beans to aerate, de-gas or bloom, all fancy terms that, when the appropriate time is taken to pour water over with a bit more finesse, make for much better cups of coffee. Finesse is best achieved by way of a kettle with a gooseneck spout (basically a very thin spout), and that’s exactly what this heavily discounted Bonavita Electric Kettle has.

The kettle, which usually retails for $60, is $30 right now, comes with a two-year warranty, has an auto-shutoff function and brings water to perfect coffee temperature in about 3 minutes (boils in 5!).

Complete Your Affordable, Entry Level Pour Over Kit

A device that makes simpler and better coffee is worth every cent of $17. Read the Story

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