What you put on your feet is the foundation of any good outfit — not only from a style perspective but also from a literal one. You spend enough time on your feet in a day, and going for cut-rate footwear will only lead to problems. For quality footwear that checks the box in both high-quality construction and style, look to Moral Code. All of the brand’s footwear is made in small batches from premium leather. But the brand crafts more than just shoes. Moral Code’s Parker Wallet is made with the same attention to detail and premium materials as its footwear. And right now, when you spend $75 or more, you can get a Parker Wallet (which retails for $47) for free — just enter the code PATROL at checkout. Better yet, if you don’t already subscribe to Moral Code’s newsletter, you can receive an additional 25 percent off when you sign up.

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