Yes Plz is a new coffee company that aims to do what many new coffee companies aim to do — get you to sign up for a subscription to receive bags at varying time intervals — but with a key, seriously less tired twist.

The first is a righteous refusal of the notion that single origin beans are inherently superior to blends. Single origin meaning the beans are sourced from a single crop at a single location, where blends can be a mix of various beans from all over. Since the dawn of the Third Wave coffee movement single origin has reigned as the gold standard, but Yes Plz’s founders, alums of craft coffee titans Blue Bottle and Intelligentsia, want to challenge that belief. In an interview with Eater co-founder Tony Konecny said “It’s not true that blended coffee is bad; it can be very good… As a roaster we can manipulate those flavors, do all sorts of [things], making [different beans] taste good together… there’s been a tendency in last five years to be a roaster that’s monastic — and I’ve been guilty of spouting that same sort of rhetoric… The truth is, we have a lot of power to change the flavor profile, and to make really good blended coffee.”

Yes Plz’s first and only product is aptly called “The Mix” and will be $15 a bag no matter what, placing them firmly in the middle of the craft coffee price range. And though every 12-ounce delivery of beans you receive will have The Mix scrawled on it, no two shipments are the same — Yes Plz says every month the product will be a completely different source and roast blend.

The Kickstarter, which launched this week, is open to back until Wednesday, June 13.

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