2018 Red Dot Design Award-Winner

This New Swiss Army Knife Just Took Home One of the Most Prestigious Design Awards in the World

While nowhere close to Victorinox’s most multifunctional multitool, the Jetsetter is undoubtedly one of its most helpful, and it’s now a recipient of a Red Dot Design Award for Product Design.

The multitool — part of the super-durable Alox line — is punched from an embossed aluminum and coated again through a process called anodic oxidation, which effectively covers the aluminum in a tough as shit microscopic film that also fills in the material’s naturally porous exterior, further preventing corrosion and wear. The multitool sports a wire stripper, scissors, bottle opener, key ring, Phillips head and a very satisfying kickstand-flip 16-gig USB stick.

This wasn’t the Swiss company’s only Red Dot win this year, either, they also took home wins for a pair of wine bottle openers, a string of backpacks and a new series of chef’s knives called the Swiss Modern Collection.

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